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Pearl Earrings

A simple pair of pearl earrings is the quintessential piece of pearl jewelry in every woman’s pearl collection. The immense variety of pearl types, colors, sizes and shapes lends to the popularity of pearls as a jewelry item of choice. Pearl earrings can be worn as simple studs, or dressed up with diamonds and other gemstones. We carry a full complement of styles and colors, including the popular black pearl earrings in freshwater, akoya and Tahitian.

For a fun, versatile look, consider our extensive line of freshwater pearl earrings, which start under $50 per pair. Every pair is set on your choice of white or yellow 14-karat gold. While white pearls are the all-time classic look, freshwater pearls come in a range of natural pastel colors, including pink and lavender, with pink pearl earrings being the most popular. Because our freshwater pearl earrings are so affordable, they are simple to mix and match for your own unique style.

If it is the classic, elegant look you prefer, consider a pair of akoya pearl earrings. We offer a full line of traditional white akoya pearl earrings, and color-treated black pearl earrings. The akoya pearls we use are always perfectly round, with brilliant luster, thick nacre, and subtle overtones. For the world’s finest akoya pearl earrings, consider our hanadama-certified collection.

For a fashion-forward alternative, our exotic collection of Tahitian pearl earrings is a perfect choice. Although often referred to as black pearl earrings, these naturally-dark pearls come in a range of colors; from the popular green and peacock, to the dark black and silver. Every pair of Tahitian pearl earrings we carry has been hand-matched, drilled and set by us. We source all our Tahitian pearls directly from French Polynesia, where the pearls have been graded and inspected by the government prior to export. We reserve only the finest of these pearls for use in our Tahitian pearl earring line. Each pair is guaranteed to be perfectly clean with beautiful overtones and luster

The most regal of all our pearl earring lines, is our selection of South Sea pearl earrings. Using white and golden South Sea pearls imported from Australia, the Philippines and Indonesia, we create some of the most stunning earrings available on the market. Not unlike our collection of Tahitian pearl earrings, every pair of South Sea pearl earrings is composed of the finest pearls we receive. Unless otherwise described, every pair is composed of round and clean South Sea pearls with remarkable luster.

As with all of our different pearl collections, our selection not limited to the pieces found on our Web site. Nearly every piece we sell is made to order, and we carry a vast collection of loose pearls in nearly every type, color and size. If you have something special or something unique in mind, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.