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Pearl Paradise is proud to offer several different special collections. Our freshadama and hanadama collections offer the finest freshwater and akoya pearls produced in the world today. Our bridal line is a special selection of pearl jewelry perfect for your wedding day, and our tin cup collection is a fashionable alternative to the classic pearl style.

Our freshadama, freshwater pearl collection has been featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Tyra Banks Show, and in several consumer and trade publications. This collection features the finest freshwater pearls produced today, which exhibit truly round shapes, virtually perfect surfaces, sharp luster, and the rarest of all pearl attributes, orient. Only introduced in 2006, our freshadama collection is now our best-selling, most popular line.

For the finest in akoya pearls, browse our hanadama pearl collection. Every strand, set and pair of earrings has been examined by the Pearl Science Laboratory of Japan and granted an individual certificate denoting the grading of hanadama – the highest grade given to akoya pearls. The akoya pearls from this line feature perfectly round shapes, clean surfaces, and the highest-possible metallic luster. Each is accompanied by the individual, numbered certificate.

For thousands of years, pearls have been associated with the beauty and the purity of a bride on her wedding day. Even today, pearls are as much a part of weddings as they’ve always been. A lustrous strand of akoya or freshadama pearls is well-suited to complement the most elegant gown. Freshwater pearls also make very nice, affordable wedding party gifts. Our collection of bridal pearl jewelry has been chosen as the most popular, most appropriate pearl jewelry for that special day.

Tin cup pearl necklaces are a hip, fashion-forward design alternative to a classic strand of pearls. Our tin cup collection features fine Tahitian and South Sea pearls set on solid, 14-karat chains. Every pearl is hand-wrapped into the chain with 14-karat wire. This solid craftsmanship of these fine pieces prevents slipping, which is common other styles utilizing a glue adhesive.