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Presenting Secret VIP Lot 5319

Good afternoon!

Today I am be back with VIP Lot 5719 which is simply BREATHTAKING! 


I have been in the jewelry business since I was a child working in my father's store. In more than 30 years, I've never seen pearls even similar to these amazing gems. This is so much fun!!!

Peter, Your Pearl Paradise Concierge

The special pieces we curate on this hidden page are not listed as regular products on the website. When you click on the products, you'll see something that reads "LOCKED CONTENT." This is just to keep the photos hidden from the public, you can still purchase them.

Also (and this is really, really important), the pearls are NOT held in your cart for 10 minutes even though there is a countdown timer on the checkout page. Some of these will double sell, and we will send the pearls to the first person who completed the checkout process.

Good luck!

Edison drop pairs

I'm going to be adding special pearls here every week, and they are all one of a kind and every piece is shot with an iPhone - with NO Photoshop!
Friday, May 10th at 4PM EST - 1PM PST

So without further ado, here comes your eye candy!


VIP-1ofkind-11 - 16.5" Freshwater  6.5 to 11.5mm | Graduated Strand CLICK HERE

One of our pearl-producing friends in China created some of the most scrumptious graduated strands of colorful metallic pearls last year. Most of them were multicolor strands, each of which had a few of those "WOW, how did Mother Nature to THAT one" sort of pearls.

When Hisano chose this strands for our VIP page, it was because every pearl was a wow, wow, wow pearl. They aren't lavender. They aren't peach. These pearls are metallic (true) pink. That's uber-rare and uber-special!


VIP-B3 - Thin Gold Wire with Multi-color Freshwater Pearls from 4.0-10.0mm

When we're in Asia, we spend a lot of time sorting and selecting loose round pearls for our freshadama line. Hisano and Jeremy will always dedicate several days to the hunt, and if you've got a strand of freshadama pearls, you can appreciate what that means.

In March, while sorting loose rounds, Hisano started playing with short graduations. She chose just a few exotic-colored pearls lined them up - 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 7 mm, 8 mm, 9 mm with a 10 mm center. The result, a perfect one millimeter, pearl-to-pearl graduation of perfect, exotic-colored pearls.

We drilled these and slipped them over an 18 karat, yellow gold wire chain. This necklace is SO. MUCH. FUN!



VIP-1ofkind-12 - Exotic Golden South Sea Strand CLICK HERE

Did you join the ruckus last summer? If so, you saw golden upon golden South Sea pearls - our friends from the Philippines joined us and brought some of the most magnificent golden South Sea pearls that have ever reached the shores of the United States.

Since July, we've made baroque strands, ombré strands with crazy color graduation and farmer-created golden harvest strands - a world first.

But to date, we've only gotten one free form golden baroque and this is it :)


VIP-C13 - Freshwater Fireball 15.5 x 20.5mm CLICK HERE

Yes, another crazy fireball! Since we began releasing these crazy special fireballs (of which Hisano and Jeremy ONLY SELECTED 16), I've received more emails about them than any other type of pearl.

In September, we will be visiting the same producer who collected these for us and I'm going to try convincing H & J to find as many more as possible.

Oh the colors. How to describe. You know what, the image should suffice.



VIP-018  Baroque Vietnamese 18" Multi-Colored Strand - 7.0-7.5mm

The rarest type of akoya pearls on the planet are Vietnamese. With their nacre thickness averaging 2-3 times the thickness typical of Japanese akoya and natural colors unique to farms in Vietnam, these pearls are a connoisseur prize.

Hisano and Jeremy typically only select a few special strands every year, which is why you almost never see these available here to the general public.


VIP-Deals04 - Rare Silver-Blue Vietnamese Akoya Strand - 5.56-5.91mm CLICK HERE

When Hisano and Jeremy visit the Vietnamese akoya pearl farmer, they never really know what they are going to get. To find enough matching pearls for a beautiful strand is super rare, especially with these great silver, blue and rose colors, and of course the luster is truly dazzling!

The pearls are small and we've added an extra inch, so the strand measures 19 inches.


VIP-23 - 7.0-9.0mm Exotic Pink Freshwater Keshi Strand  - 30"

We used to carry a lot of keshi pearls, but it's been a while since any strands really caught our eye. In March, Hisano picked up two strands from the same producer that are a mix of pink, golds and purples - rare natural colors in freshwater pearls. She blended them together and made this one-of-a-kind rope ... of COLOR!