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Presenting Secret VIP Lot 5319

Good afternoon!

I am very excited to be back with VIP Lot 5319 which is sexy and exotic. 

Most of these also came from Hisano and Jeremy, our fearless pearl-sourcing team's last trip where they had a blast hand selecting an exceptional collection for this exclusive VIP program at the Hong Kong International Gem and Pearl Show.

To them, fun means finding special pearls that excite them! If you've been following us on Instagram, you've probably seen some of the crazy special, special, SPECIAL pearls they brought back.

Peter, Your Pearl Paradise Concierge

The special pieces we curate on this hidden page are not listed as regular products on the website. When you click on the products, you'll see something that reads "LOCKED CONTENT." This is just to keep the photos hidden from the public, you can still purchase them.

Also (and this is really, really important), the pearls are NOT held in your cart for 10 minutes even though there is a countdown timer on the checkout page. Some of these will double sell, and we will send the pearls to the first person who completed the checkout process.

Good luck!

Edison drop pairs

I'm going to be adding special pearls here every week, and they are all one of a kind and every piece is shot with an iPhone - with NO Photoshop!

Tuesday, May 7th at 4 PM EST - 1 PM PST
Friday, May 10th at 7PM EST - 4PM PST

So without further ado, here comes your eye candy!


VIP-GRABS01 - 6.5 to 7.5mm | Vietnamese Akoya (Click Here)

The rarest type of akoya pearls on the planet are Vietnamese. With their nacre thickness averaging 2-3 times the thickness typical of Japanese akoya and natural colors unique to farms in Vietnam, these pearls are a connoisseur prize.

Hisano and Jeremy typically only select a few special strands every year, which is why you almost never see these available here to the general public.



VIP-1ofkind-10 | Vietnamese Akoya and Diamond Earrings (Click Here)

When Hisano and Jeremy visit the Vietnamese akoya pearl farmer (a Japanese gentlemen who owns a boutique akoya farm in Vietnam), he always has a small stash of special pearls he is particularly proud of. These pearls are almost always in a small pouch in his pocket.

He knows Hisano loves small, special pearls and these pearls are small and special - Hisano decided to make a one-of-a-kind pair of earrings with lengths of 14 karat chain and diamond studs. 




F1 - 11 x 17 mm | Exotic Freshwater Pearl Drops (Click Here)

These are the most colorful (naturally) drops you've ever seen. Each pearl has nearly every color of the rainbow, and these aren't little pearls either! It's not easy to describe the color play you will see in person. I'm sure you'll have your own description of this color-shifting pair of super pearls. 




VIP067 - 9.0 - 9.5mm | Exotic Color, Tahitian Strand (Click Here)

This is another one of the super-Tahitian strands we slowly began introducing last year. If you're a Pearl-Guide.com member or follow us on Instagram, you might have seen some of the photos. The strand is a smorgasbord of exotic colors.

The colors in this round strand are the sorts we typically see in drops and circled pearls; color-shifting peacocks, cherries and blues. Special, special, special!!!




C17 - 18 x 26 mm | 4.2 Grams  Giant Freshwater Fireball Pearl (Click Here)

This is the one! This is the pearl Hisano was holding in Hong Kong last month that we posted on Instagram. As Jeremy put it, "the pearl is one of the best representations of the color possibilities that exist in freshwater pearls today."

The pearls exhibits dark purple at the top, and trails a rainbow of color to a creamy gold base. It's got pinks, purples, blues, greens and a color that I can only describe as burnt cherry.




Loose Tahitian Trio - Lot M  | Exotic Gem Quality 10 mm up Drop Lot (Click Here) 

Several times each year, we purchase large lots of Tahitian pearls - typically thousands of loose pearls at a time. When the lots come in we always gravitate toward a few special pearls. Some clients who have visited our showroom have taken some of the special pearls home, but most of them wind up tucked away in special collects (or in Jeremy's desk).

Last year, our lead designer John Dwight came up with an idea that we loved! Each time a lot came in, Jeremy and Hisano now comb through it and select the pearls they feel are just so special they need to be treated separately. They've since collected more than 20 small lots comprised of only a few pearls each. These are the pearls we're releasing here - VIP worthy to say the least!




E3 - 11.2 mm | Exotic Freshwater Round Pair (Click Here)

are NOT Tahitian pearls, although they could fool most jewelers in the United States. These are natural-color freshwater pearls with crazy peacock colors you would think are only found in French Polynesia.

It's not just the color you'll appreciate when you see this pair in real life. You can also perfectly make our your reflection in the surface of each pearl. They are that special.