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Presenting Secret VIP Lot 51519

Good afternoon!

It is great to be back with VIP Lot 51519 The Most Wanted Pearls! 

This week I sat down with Hisano and Jeremy and heard the stories and background behind this week's Very Important Pearls. I am so excited and so proud to be able to be a part of these. They are SO.MUCH.FUN!

This week we have special pieces from the Philippines (an actual HARVEST bracelet made on Palawan), one of the world's ONLY Tahitian souffle strands, a super-special Vietnamese akoya strands, and some TDF loose pearls that we decided to turn into jewelry this week!

Peter, Your Pearl Paradise Concierge

The special pieces we curate on this hidden page are not listed as regular products on the website. When you click on the products, you'll see something that reads "LOCKED CONTENT." This is just to keep the photos hidden from the public, you can still purchase them.

Also (and this is really, really important), the pearls are NOT held in your cart for 10 minutes even though there is a countdown timer on the checkout page. Some of these will double sell, and we will send the pearls to the first person who completed the checkout process.

Good luck!

Hisano Shepherd selecting the best of the best pearls


I'm going to be adding special pearls here every week, and they are all one of a kind and every piece is shot with an iPhone - with NO Photoshop!

The next release will happen:
Wednesday, May 22nd at 4 PM EST - 1 PM PST

So without further ado, here comes your eye candy!

VIP-Harvest-D- 6-12 mm South Sea Harvest Bracelet (SOLD)

A few years ago, Jeremy and Hisano met with a friend and gold South Sea pearl farmer in Hong Kong and showed him a creation made by a Tahitian pearl farming friend. It was a strand of pearls that epitomized a typical harvest - rounds, keshi pearls, circles, drops ... Mother's Nature's pearly fingerprints. 

The farmer was entranced and asked to create similar strands for us in gold South Sea. He did. We offered them and they all were snapped up in (literally) minutes.

He made just a couple of bracelets too, but we held them back. This is one of them ;)

VIP-1011TSN - 13-16 mm Tahitian Souffle Necklace (SOLD)

Last year, Hisano and Jeremy spent four days in Tahiti sorting pearls and training a team of pearl jewelers to support the Pearl Paradise Windstar Pearl Boutique in French Polynesia.

While on this trip, Jeremy stumbled upon a few strands none of us even believed existed - Tahitian souffle pearls. These are experimental pearls grown with a removable nucleus. The pearls are hollow!

Tahitian souffle

I can't imagine how many strands have been created since the beginning of the Tahitian pearl industry in the 1960s. What's mind-boggling is that this strands is one of the rarest that has ever been pieced together.


VIP-C18-Dia - 15.8x25.9 mm Freshwater Fireball Diamond Pendant (SOLD)

I've seen a lot of baroque pearls over the past few months, but this is a first. This giant beaded freshwater pearl has a pretty amazing body color with a creamy gold tone. But it's got a streak of color that we just can't explain. Have you seen van Gogh's The Starry Night and noticed the broad brush strokes. It's like he took a paint brush and added one broad swoosh of intense pink angling right down the center of the pearl.

To celebrate this incredible color, I had John choose a setting he felt best complemented the pearl - a 14 karat rose gold setting with a sparkling diamond.

VIP-1012-VQN - 8-8.5 mm Vietnamese Blue Akoya Necklace (SOLD)

Why is this one VIP? Look at the color. Look at the size! We've never offered this size on Pearl Paradise as an item because the farmer only grows enough to make a few strands per year. His is a boutique farm, and almost all his akoya are small. 

We had a bag of loose pearls and matched them to create this strand. We use all the available pearls, so it's 32-inches long and the only one of its kind.


VIP-1195-FBL - 13.2mm Metallic Edison Drop Pearl & Diamond Pendant (SOLD)

If you've seen the special Edison pearl that Jeremy purchased out of the Grace Pearl showcase four years ago, you'll recognize the similarities. That pearl was so perfect, with such a perfect orient and shape, Jeremy bought the pendant, removed the setting and gave the pearl to Hisano. It's still one of her favorite pieces.

The colors of this pearl will change throughout the day, and the colors shift from pole to pole. John also felt this pearl would be best complemented with rose gold and diamonds, so we created this one-of-a-kind pendant so a special someone.