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Hello Pearl Lovers,

It’s that time of the month again! And if you’ve been following us on social media, you already know that October was all about our latest trip to Tahiti and the gorgeous pearls we hand-picked ourselves.

For this VIP release, we are displaying 12 exclusive pieces including rings, pendants, earrings and the most beautiful strands we have ever seen! Do you know what all of them have in common? They embody our deep admiration for Tahiti and its beautiful gems, our beloved Tahitian Pearls.

Every piece of the collection is unique and offers everlasting memories of dreamy, starlit nights in paradise. Get ready to see various hues of blue, chocolate and many other naturally rich Tahitian shades that are extremely rare. Every single pearl is unique and tells a story for those who are willing to listen.

Good luck!

VIP1360-TRR| Reflection Ring with Semi-Round Tahitian Pearl | VIP Lot 102419 (SOLD)

This lovely ring features a lustrous 9.33 mm Tahitian pearl set upon a solid, 18-karat band accented with 20 G-VS1 quality diamonds with a total carat weight of 0.18. The ring's beautiful design combines the conservative look of a slender ring with the stylish look of a large and super peacock Tahitian pearl. 



VIP1362-TRR| Royalty Ring - Silver Blue Tahitian Pearls in White Gold with Diamonds | VIP Lot 102419 (CLICK HERE)

This piece is a celebration of the different blue hues of Tahitian Pearls. Just like the magnificent waters in Tahiti, these 9 mm pearls embody hypnotizing shades. One pearl has a slightly brighter blue while the other features a gorgeous pink halo. This double-headed ring boasts two Tahitian pearls combined with a set of 0.08 cttw G VS1 diamonds all held together by a seamless band of 14K white gold. 



VIP1363-TRR| Reflection Ring with Chocolate Tahitian Pearl in Yellow Gold | VIP Lot 102419 (CLICK HERE) 

This ring should be called 50 shades of chocolate. Jokes aside, this magnificent piece displays a 11.4 mm chocolate Tahitian pearl that is excellent for fall fashion.
Diamonds featured in this piece: 0.18 cttw G VS1 in yellow gold.




VIP1364-TRR | Orbit Ring Tahitian Pearl in Yellow Gold with Diamonds | VIP Lot 102419 (CLICK HERE) 

This one of a kind ring carries a super rare AAA quality blue Tahitian pearl. Featuring a 18 karat Art Deco style ring set with a single 9.9 mm Tahitian pearl, this gorgeous piece sparkles with 0.23 cttw of brilliant diamonds and will be one of your favorite Tahitian pieces! We assure you that you won't come across a Tahitian pearl with such a vibrant blue that often. 


VIP1366-TDE  | Drop Peacock Tahitian Pearl Earrings| VIP Lot 102419 (CLICK HERE) 

This gorgeous earring will make any outfit you choose to wear stand out from the crowd. Displaying two beautiful blue-green 9.9 mm Tahitian pearls with a very bright and lustrous peacock overtone, this one of a kind setting carries big and dazzling 0.20 carats diamonds with 14K yellow gold. 

VIP1367-TQP | Semi-Baroque Tahitian Pendant | VIP Lot 102419 (SOLD) 

Tahitian baroque pearls shatter the conventional stereotype that all pearls should be perfectly white and round. You’ll demonstrate your uniqueness and fashion-forward sensibility wearing this pendant. Tahitian pearls are one of Earth’s most stunning organic creations, and you’ll look stunning yourself and fashionable with the unique shape of this 10.2 mm baroque pearl with cherry overtones that is beautifully enhanced by the rose gold setting. 



VIP1368-TRP | Royalty Pendant with Light Silver Tahitian in White Gold | VIP Lot 102419 (SOLD) 

This pendant setting has a 0.09 ct diamond (G-VS1 quality) and is available in 14K white gold. You already know that our VIP collections are all about super-exclusive pieces. That's why the pearl featured in this pendant is a light silver Tahitian that is very close to white. This item is a great conversation starter among pearl lovers. I bet none of your friends ever heard about an almost white Tahitian pearl! Wow! So rare!


VIP1369-TRP Lavish Collection Pendant with 10.2 mm Tahitian Pearl and Diamonds | VIP Lot 102419 (SOLD)

You will feel luxurious in this stunning gold, diamonds and pearl combination of this Lavish Collection pendant. With a row of pave set white diamonds encircling a striking green, color-enhanced diamond in the center this piece is simply astonishing.

The white diamonds are VS1-G quality and have a total weight of 0.06 carat, and the green diamond is SI quality and weighs 0.06 carat. The 14-karat gold pendant setting is the perfect complement to the AAA quality Tahitian pearl suspended below. You will make your friends green with envy in this eye-catching creation!



And last but not least... The biggest strand we have ever seen! With over 45 years of experience and devotion in the field of cultured pearls, Andy Müller is internationally known, awarded and respected as an expert in the industry! We have the honor to offer you two exquisite strands of Tahitian pearls with different colors, sizes, and shapes. With 118 inches in length, you'll find Keshi, Baroque, Drops and Semi-Round Tahitians with a size range from 5 to 14mm.

VIP1370-TQN | Andy Muller Tahitian Baroque Rope - 307 pearls | VIP Lot 102419 (CLICK HERE)

VIP1371-TQN | Andy Muller Tahitian Baroque Rope - 297 Pearls  | VIP Lot 102419 (CLICK HERE)