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The greatest gesture is always


February 14th is more than just a day for roses and chocolates. This is a day to set an intention for those you admire. One expression of gratitude can open doors, mend hearts, and ignite a beautiful moment that will last a lifetime.

From your soulmate to your gal pals, from your mom to yourself, let's celebrate all forms of love, all of which
start with one simple gesture.

Help our pearls find their soulmates this Valentine’s Day.


We've got more than just Cupid and his Arrows, we have Hanadama pearls.
These are the finest, most beautiful Japanese Akoya Saltwater pearls in the world.
Their shades of pink and greens are just the statement you'll want to make this Valentine's Day.

Accompanying every Hanadama piece is a uniquely numbered and laminated pearl quality
report prepared by the Pearl Science Laboratory of Japan, which describes in detail the
beauty and perfection of your new jewelry piece.

Keep calm and get your Cupid on!
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Freshadama is considered to be the highest grade of
Freshwater pearls, deriving from the top .01%
of freshwater pearls produced today.

By purchasing these pearls, you are guaranteed
to receive the absolute best freshwater pearls
produced in the world today.

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This is the collection that will make your special someone
feel like it was just yesterday when you two fell in love.
Reminisce on those bubbling romance days with
a gift that will sweep them off their feet.

The ones that sacrifice so much, that offer
unconditional love, and whose arms are always open;
it’s their turn to be wrapped in our eternal love.

To your partners in crime and the
other half of your heart-shaped necklaces;
here’s to your late nights, your long talks,
and the girl-power you exuberate. Let your gal pals
know you mean it when you say best friends forever.

The journey of self-love is everchanging and
the purist form of love one can experience.
A new year is upon us and this is a sign
that it’s time to treat yourself.