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To celebrate our launch, we are giving our VIP customers a chance to snag some of our best deals of the season before we make it available to the public. Every piece featured in the video above can be found below.


Archived Feb.2019: 


Ombre. Golden South Sea. Endless Ropes. Stay tuned!


25 strands available. 36" endless ropes AA+/AAA which does mean there are some pearls that may have visible blemishes. However, these strands are the first of their kind and the luster is amazing. The gradients blend beautifully. You cannot see where one tone ends, and another begins. Before you know it, somehow you are staring at intensely deep 24k gold colored pearls when your eyes reach the bottom. 

"Wasn't I just looking at beautiful champagne pearls?" You think to yourself...

The pearls are off-round, smooth drops. What's more incredible-- when you lay the strand out side by side, you'll notice the pearls are matched in terms of color and luster. This means these are symmetrical strands. 

Can you imagine? How much time it must have taken to collect the pearls, to the point where you can select two pearls with the exact same pistachio/champagne tones and place them in a strand. And then pick two more slightly more pistachio/darker champagne pearls and repeat that process? Wow. Definitely a task only a pearl farmer can complete.

We've never carried anything like this before... and we can't guarantee we can carry them in the future. So if this is something you've wanted for some time, this is your chance to grab it.


Of course, we're giving it to our VIPs first as part of our "soft launch" at launch prices. Since these are endless ropes that are already knotted, they will ship out same day or next day depending on when you place the order. 


20 "Small" 9.0-9.9mm strands. $2500 each

5 "Medium" 10.0-11.9mm strands. $3600 each




















In place of our popular "12 Days of Christmas" special, we are introducing "Paradise Picks" this season. And it is now live on our website!!

As a small team, we take pride in doing everything in-house, from design to production, to customer service, to shipping. We look at pearls all day, every day.

With diverse styles and personalities, we wanted to introduce you to the people behind the brand who make sure your pearls get to you and delight you beyond belief.

Every 'Paradise Pick' will have a red 'Special!' tag on the website. They will be specially discounted to 25% off for the entire season, or until we run out of stock.

We'll be debuting these picks on Facebook first, so if you like the series-- make sure you show the team your appreciation and like, share, comment on their video.






VIP001. CLICK HERE 36" Multicolor AAA/Gem Quality Round Tahitian Necklace (9.1mm - 10.9mm)  

LIVE on the site. Use code: VIP001T for an additional $2168 off the website price.



VIP002. CLICK HERE Multicolor AAA South Sea + Freshadama Round Pearl Necklace (9.5mm - 10.3mm)

VIP003. CLICK HERE White South Sea Drop AAA Pearl Necklace (11.2mm - 15.2mm)



  1. VIP004. CLICK HERE Multicolor Drop Baroque Tahitian AA+/AAA Pearl Necklace A beautiful strand with large pearls that still maintain lush colors and overtones, going from 11.8mm to a 14.3mm (wow!).

LIVE on the site. Use code: VIP004T for an additional $2000 off the website listing.


    1. VIP006. CLICK HERE Intense AAA Grade Multicolor Round Tahitian Necklace (8.1mm - 9.6mm) $2850 (a strand typically $4790)  


    VIP016 click hereThis is a beautifully graduated round, deep cherry, Tahitian strand that we managed to source some time back. After doing so many multicolor necklaces, you can imagine how much it takes to create a strand that matches as well as this one. (9.0mm - 11.0mm)

    $6,300 strand for one very lucky person at..... drumroll, please: $3,799 - Why yes, I do believe Christmas has officially come early this year. 


    VIP017 Click Here. 11.5mm Gem Grade Drop Tahitian Pearl (if you look closely, lustrous to the point where you can see camera phone reflected) set on a 14K White Gold cable change with adjustable lengths 17, 18, 19 inches and a whopping 0.39 ct diamond (G/H color, VS clarity) $1796


    VIP020 Click Here. 14K White Gold Diamond Frost Ring set with a round 9-10mm AAA Peacock Tahitian Pearl $1295


    VIP023 CLICK HERE - We're getting fancy in here! This is a AAA size graduated, multi color, pastel patterned round (yes round) Tahitian pearl necklace with some of the rarest colors found in Tahitians. 88 pearls, 35.5" unstrung, from 7.0mm to 14.2mm. Put it this way, the 5 largest pearls (from 13.4mm - 14.2mm) are worth over $4,000 on their own. This is a $16,875 strand, listing at $9,092


    VIP026 CLICK HERE. And another beautiful ROUND ombre Tahitian strand filled with colors of Tahiti. AAA. Lightly graduated from 9.3mm - 9.7mm with a beautiful gradient of colors. 95 pearls. 35.75" unstrung. A $13,500 strand, available to you for $7882


    VIP30 CLICK HERE: 152 Drop Tahitian Pearls make up this 71" unstrung hank, from 8.0mm-11.0mm, this AAA strand is a collector's piece. 

    You can use code: VIP030 to take $1900 off the listed price. 


    VIP31 CLICK HERE. Left to Right A1, A2, B1, B2, C. We picked these funky colored freshwater ripple button pairs from one of our many buy trips years ago and always wanted to save it for something special. $126/pair.  


    VIP034 CLICK HERE. This is a hefty Round Silver Tahitian Necklace from 12mm - 14.1mm, very well matched, consistently colored. AA+/AAA. If you've shopped Tahitian strands, you know how pricey round pearls can get in this size range. Typically a $9,000 strand that we are listing for $4018.


    VIP035 CLICK HERE7" unstrung (will string up to approx. 8") round multicolor, multisize (7mm - 13mm), AAA Tahitian "bubble" bracelets. The perfect addition to your pearl collection. 2 available. This will be strung with an orbit clasp to your length (with extra pearls sent to you). $987 each


    VIP037 CLICK HERE. 8mm-10mm mixed Tahitian Keshi necklace, carefully constructed to 35" unstrung, with vibrant drop and circled drops that range in tones from gold to green to blue. 1 of 2 available (VIP038) $1788


    VIP038 CLICK HERE. A second 8mm-10mm mixed Tahitian Keshi necklace, constructed to 35" unstrung, with dark drops and circled drops that carry deep peacock, cherry, and green tones. 1 of 2 available (VIP037) $1788


    VIP040 CLICK HERE. This is a luxe Golden South Sea strand with symmetrical baroque shapes, very light circles. A solid 22K gold color with green and rose overtones. 18 inches in length from 10.2-11.9mm AA+ strand that is too lustrous to pass up. 

    We haven't featured enough Goldens in our picks, so we thought we'd shake it up a bit. This one here is $1290


    VIP048 CLICK HERE. 9.0-9.5mm Vietnamese Blue Baroque Akoya also recently off the editorial collection. Pictured is an 18 inch "true blue" necklace fastened with a 14K White Gold polished ball clasp for $1124 (SOLD) and a 20" Silver-Blue strand (hints of green, rose overtones) fastened with a 14K Yellow Gold polished ball clasp for $1238


    VIP049 CLICK HERE. 9.5-10.0mm Vietnamese Blue Baroque Akoya (where has Jeremy been hiding these??) that will string to 18 inches. Two available. The size and color and luster on these, can we say wow? $1292/strand.


    VIP062. GDN-3605

    This classic golden south sea strand features pearls in symmetrical drop shapes. The pearls have a bright golden color with very little to zero surface blemishes, very high luster, and vibrant silver overtones.

    The finished strand will be approximately 18 inches in length, knotted on color-matching silk and finished with your choice of 14-karat gold clasp.

    Use code: VIP062 for an additional $325 off the discounted price.


    VIP063. GDN-3607

    This classic golden south sea strand features pearls in symmetrical drop shapes. The pearls have a warm golden color with very little to zero surface blemishes, very high luster, and iridescent pink overtones.

    Use code: VIP063 for an additional $325 off the discounted price.


    VIP064 CLICK HERE. They are officially live!! Posted on our homepage. strand left

    Strands range from approx. $1500 - $1650 depending on size and specs. VIPs can use code: VIP064EDISON which will take $500 off the website price. 


    VIP069 CLICK HERE. The 'Perfect Drop' Pearl Collector's Set

    9-10mm Gem Grade Loose, Undrilled Tahitian Pearls in perfect drop shapes. For the luster, color, shape, and quality, a single pearl typically lists for $125 on our website. 

    This one goes out to our crafty friends out there who love to design and dabble and create. Whether it is a gift set for that at-home, "just-for-fun" jeweler, or simply an addition to your existing collection, this set offers pearls that are complementary in every way. At $500 for 8 perfect pearls, it is an absolute steal.

    There are so many ways to utilize pearls like this. No matter if you're creating "matching" pendants for sisters/best-friends/mother-daughters, mismatched earrings, pearl charms, or pearl enhancers, the possibilities are endless. 

    *comes in a special presentation box*



    1. VIP005 CLICK HERE Smooth Surf Multicolor Tahitian Keshi Necklace (8.0mm - 10.0mm) SOLD 


      1. VIP007. CLICK HERE Large Multicolor Oval AAA Tahitian Necklace (10.0-12.6mm)  SOLD 

      1. VIP008. CLICK HERE Sunflower Color Baroque AAA Golden South Sea Necklace (10.0-11.8mm)  SOLD 

      1. VIP009. CLICK HERE AAA Grade Champagne Drop Shaped Golden South Sea Necklace (8.5mm - 11.2mm) SOLD 



      VIP010CLICK HERE Hanadama Sets - SOLD


      VIP011. CLICK HERE Undrilled Loose Pearl Sets - Jeremy's Picks Batch 1 (9-10mm Drop $61/pearl, reg. price $110 & 10-11mm Baroque $58/pearl, reg. price $102) 


       Set C: Lush Green Drops with Gold and Copper centers, hints of Cherry SOLD 

       Set D: Mixed Dark Drops, not so much cherry, but Red Wine tones, Blues, and hints of purple SOLD

       Set F: Deep Ocean Colored Circled Baroques, Vivid Blues, Greens, Purples, like holding an aquarium SOLD 

       Set G: Diverse Drop/Circle Baroque, consistent blend of green and cherry, a perfect gradiant of peacock tones SOLD 

       Set H: Intensely lustrous drops with heavy copper tones, mixes of blues and greens SOLD


      VIP012 click here  39 super rare colored, round pearls including White Tahitians, Pistachios, yes Blue Akoyas, South Sea, that add up to 17.25" when unstrung. (7.0mm - 14.5mm, AA+/AAA)

      A $5625 strand that we are giving to you for $2795 -- No, that is not a typo. Yes, that is more than 50% off. SOLD 


      VIP013 click here. 79 Drop & Lightly Circled Baroque Tahitian pearls make up this beautiful AA+/AAA Ombre Strand, 36" unstrung will give you a total length of 40" when knotted. (10.0mm - 11.0mm)

      A $4,050 strand that we will be giving to you for $2,480 - How did we manage to keep this one a secret, right? SOLD 


      VIP014 click here37 Baroque Tahitian pearls make up this gradient-heavy multicolor necklace. Lush greens, golds, pistachios, blues, purples all blend together in a way that is rare for Tahitian pearls. This AAA strand is 16.75" unstrung and will be close to 19" when knotted. (10.0mm - 11.9mm)

      A $2,925 strand you can have for $1,850 Is it starting to feel like Christmas yet? SOLD 


      VIP015 click here35 Baroque Tahitian pearls make up this second gradient-heavy multicolor necklace. Different pearls, different tones, equally beautiful greens, blues, golds, purples, and copper. This AAA strand is 16" unstrung and will be 18" when knotted. (10.0mm - 11.8mm)

      $2,925 strand you can have for $1,790 SOLD- Yes, we are screaming inside too. 


      VIP018 Click Here. 18 inch Multicolor Vietnamese Baroque Akoya Necklace with intense metallic-like luster. Not Japanese Baroque Akoya. These are more intensely colored. (7-8mm)  $399/strand SOLD


      VIP019 Click Here. Now this is what we call multicolor. AAA. Intense depth of color. 9.1mm-9.8mm 18 inch round Tahitian necklace. $2975 SOLD


      VIP021 Click Here. Graduated multi-tone White freshadama necklace, hand-assembled in Hong Kong by Jeremy. 57 pearls. 6.0mm - 10.0mm $699 SOLD


      VIP022 Click Here. 14K Rose Gold Diamond Cradle Pendant sent with a beautiful Gem grade 8mm Aubergine Tahitian pearl $768 SOLD


      VIP024 CLICK HERE. 18" Vietnamese Blue Baroque Akoya Necklace. 5-6mm. Intensely colored, gorgeous shades of blue. 3 available. $529 SOLD.


      VIP025 CLICK HERE. AAA Tahitian Keshi strand. Something fun and different. 55 pearls. 17 inches unstrung. 6.1mm - 14.4mm. $1215 SOLD


      VIP027 CLICK HERE. 18" Vietnamese Blue Baroque Akoya Necklace. 6-7mm. Intensely colored, gorgeous shades of blue. 2 available. $610 SOLD  


      VIP028 CLICK HERE. 12.64mm Blue Freshwater Edison pearl, practically glows with shades of lavender, blue and hints of green. $442 SOLD


      VIP029 CLICK HERE. This Metallic Fireball measures 15.0mm x 22.4mm and has been set with a simple large 14k gold eye pin and a 16-18 inch adjustable forzatina chain. $192 SOLD


      VIP032 CLICK HERE. 8.5-9.0mm near-round Vietnamese Baroque Blue Akoya 18 inches, 1 available $962 SOLD


      VIP033 CLICK HERE. Deep Lavender, AAA Freshwater graduated strand from 7mm - 12mm, 3 available, for $395/each SOLD!


      VIP036 CLICK HERE. 35.5" unstrung round multicolor, multisize AA+/AAA Tahitian necklace ranging from 8mm - 14.1mm, with some beautiful light colored pearls, peacock, and silvers. 88 marvelous pearls for $3702 SOLD


      VIP039. 12.0-14.7mm AA+/AAA Circled Baroque Tahitian necklace strung with a 14K White Gold Orbit Clasp. This one comes with a story! It's one of the early strands we used to help us get the Pearl Paradise name out there. We sent it out to PR agencies to use in photoshoots, hoping to educate people on the various types of pearls that aren't classic white and round. 

      There's sentimental value, but we think it's about time we find it a new home. $1300 SOLD



      VIP041.  When shopping Goldens, we don't give enough credit to lightly colored ones. This is another example of a beautiful champagne colored Drop Golden South Sea Necklaces. It's bright and bubbly with pink overtones that remind us of a glass of rosé. No surface blemishes, 8.9-11.7mm, and a true AAA, this is a strand that will make anyone proud. $1995 SOLD


      VIP042 CLICK HERE. Undrilled Metallic Lavender Fireball. Need we say more? We picked this one up in Hong Kong a couple years ago, and didn't want to drill into it... 14.8mm (D) x 20.9mm (W) x 22.7mm (H). Take this off our hands and make something beautiful out of it.  $355 SOLD


      VIP043 CLICK HERE6.5mm - 7mm Peach Metallic Freshwater Strand that will string to 18 inches. Check out that intense luster. And your heart will skip a beat when we tell you.... $190 SOLD


      VIP044 CLICK HEREStory time! For you pearl geeks, this is one extra special strand of pearls that has been tucked away in Jeremy's desk for over a decade. It is... the very first metallic freshadama necklace ever assembled by Jeremy and the CEO of Grace Pearl-- the sample strand that started it all.

      We're talking about 2008 (!!), before "metallic freshwater" necklaces even existed. Cherry-picked pearls from loose stock, matched beautifully (right before Grace Pearl switched to growing Edison pearls). If you want the real deal, this one has your name written all over it. A true collector's piece. $528 SOLD


      VIP045 CLICK HERE. A "true blue" Vietnamese Blue Baroque Akoya 18" necklace size 7.5-8.0mm. One available. $706 SOLD


      VIP046 CLICK HERE. A 20" Vietnamese Blue Baroque Akoya in size 8.0-8.5mm fastened with a polished 14K yellow gold ball clasp, fresh from an editorial shoot. This strand has icy silver-blue tones and hints of rose that would look stunning against most skin tones. One available. $908 SOLD


      VIP047 CLICK HERE. An 18" Vietnamese Blue Baroque Akoya in size 8.5-9.0mm found tucked away in yet another corner of Jeremy's desk of treasures. This strand is near round with pops of blue and high luster. One available. $942 SOLD


      VIP050 CLICK HERE. Two strands of 8.5-9.0mm Japanese White Baroque Akoya are up for grab. These will string to 18" each, so grab one, or grab both. What we love about baroque akoyas is the luster. The non-round shape creates more angles and surfaces to reflect light off of, giving the strand an even more ethereal glow. 

      Not only that, they are such an affordable alternative to larger round akoya pearls. Although they are baroque, these two, in particular, are very near-round and will rival any round strand in terms of luster and color. $610/each SOLD


      VIP051 CLICK HERE. Okay... these are 9.5-10.0mm White Baroque Akoya strands that string to 18 inches. In case you didn't catch that, let me say it again, 9.5 - 10.0mm!! That is a rarity in Akoya pearls; it literally does not get any bigger than this. 

      And we have five strands available! FIVE. Tossing it out there, but one of the projects we had in mind for these strands... a 54" or 90" rope. Can you imagine? How stunning that would be? An Akoya strand the size of Tahitians... at 36, 54, or even 90"? 

      Someone please stretch those fingers, get a few strands, and make this happen. $782/strand SOLD OUT


      VIP052 CLICK HERE. Naturally colored Edison Freshwater strand measuring 7.7mm - 11.5mm, with a medium bronze body color, and varying tones of green and pistachio. Will string to 18" approx. $970 SOLD


      VIP053 CLICK HERE. Naturally colored Edison Freshwater strand measuring 7.0mm - 11.5mm, with a light bronze body color, and tones of copper and champagne. Will string to 18" approx. $960 SOLD


      VIP054 CLICK HERE. Naturally colored Edison Freshwater strand measuring 7.4mm - 11.0mm, with deep multi-shade bronze body colors, and varying tones of burgundy and maroon. Will string to 18" approx. $958 SOLD


      VIP055 CLICK HERENaturally colored Edison Freshwater strand measuring 8.3mm - 11.7mm, with a medium burgundy body color, and varying tones of red wine, purple, and maroon. Will string to 18" approx. $986 SOLD


      VIP056 CLICK HERENaturally colored Edison Freshwater strand measuring 8.4mm - 11.3mm, with a medium purple body color, copper and maroon tones. Will string to 18" approx. $980 SOLD


      VIP057 CLICK HERENaturally colored Edison Freshwater strand measuring 8.8mm - 10.9mm, with a medium burgandy body color, purple/blue, and bronze tones. Will string to 18" approx. $965 SOLD



      VIP058 CLICK HERENaturally colored Edison Freshwater strand measuring 8.0mm - 11.5mm, with a medium-to-deep bronze body color, gold, blue, bronze tones. Will string to 18" approx. $976 SOLD


      VIP059 CLICK HERE. Naturally colored Edison Freshwater strand measuring 7.4mm - 11.0mm, with a intensely deep bronze body color, strong copper overtones, with chocolate and burgandy splashed in. Will string to 18" approx. $980 SOLD


      VIP060 (SOLD). This is currently listed on the website as "VIP-373FBL" linked HERE. It is normally priced at $440, and is discounted for Cyber Week at $352. For our VIP pricing, you can apply code: VIP060 at checkout to knock another $50 off the price.


      VIP061. TRN-3686 (SOLD)

      This breathtaking multicolor Tahitian pearl necklace features pearls in a large size range from 10.0 to 11.9 mm! 

      Only the finest pearls were selected to make this special strand. The pearls are AAA quality with very light to zero blemishes, have the highest luster, and iridescent overtones.

      Use code: VIP061 for an additional $750 off the discounted price.


      VIP065 CLICK HERE. Guess what these are? From a special Pearl Farmer friend in the Phillipines, we had a small batch of "creme rose" Golden South Sea pearls. 

      Notice anything different about these pendants? They are circle baroqued pearls set upside down! It is so rare to find a pearl that can be set in this manner. Our designer was inspired by Moroccan lanterns, but they also resemble a dreidel and chestnuts! 

      Whatever the case, here's our take on being festive for the holidays, in a pearl way. These are very, very special. 

      From left to right, 1, 2, 3, 4. $702 each, comes with a 20-22" 14K Yellow Gold Chain. SOLD



      We sold a very special multicolor Tahitian necklace recently that has garnered tremendous feedback (and requests) over the last week or so. We released it right here on this page, and one of you bought it as a gift.

      For those of you still looking for that perfect gift, we have a surprise for you... 

      Here are the 3 remaining strands from that same batch of Rikitea pearls.


      VIP066 CLICK HERE(9.0 - 9.9mm) AAA quality with very light to zero blemishes, the highest luster, and iridescent overtones. Rich blue-green pearls mixed with deep blue and violet pearls. Can we say multicolor? $5460 strand that is available to our VIPs at $3425


      VIP067 CLICK HERE. One of a kind multicolor AAA Tahitian pearl necklace in a rare tight size range from 9.1 to 9.3 mm in the most intense colors! A true multicolor with full range of Tahitian colors collected on this special strand. Reduced from $5280, we are offering it to our VIPs for $3346


      VIP068 CLICK HERE. (9.2-9.7mm) Wow, how many unique colors can we fit in a single strand? Lots of blues, purples, cherry, peacock, and sky blue--this strand has them all! Incredibly high luster, unbelievable overtones, and very light to zero blemishes. It is yours for $3020