Here we have an exquisite pair of earrings, with a pair of exquisite golden south sea pearls, set in 14K yellow gold with 0.26 ctw G/VS diamonds.

Simple, elegant and classy.

Welcome to our Secret VIP

Lot 82219


Hello Pearl Lovers,

I am very enthusiastic about our new VIP Lot 82219 - Pearls Are Always in Style.

As usual, most of these pearls were brought in from Hisano and Jeremy, our favorite power couple that is always on the hunt for the most exclusive gems all over the world.

To them, having fun means discovering special and unique pearls that you can't find anywhere else.

Enjoy our new collection!

Peter, Your Pearl Paradise Concierge

Also (and this is crucial), the pearls are NOT held in your cart for 10 minutes even though there is a countdown timer on the checkout page. Some of these will double sell, and we will send the pearls to the first person who completed the checkout process.

Good luck!


VIP-1323WKR | Super Rare WSS Keishi Ring with Diamonds (SOLD)

 I bet you have never seen anything like this in your entire life! This Super Rare White South Sea Keshi Pearl is the perfect gemstone for a custom-made ring that was designed and carefully handcrafted to fit the exact Keshi pearl shape. With 18K white gold and diamonds, this is one of our most exclusive and unique pieces. 








VIP-1334TRR | 12.9mm Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Ring (SOLD)

.Our Purity Collection was created as a way to express our infinite love for pearls and their pure beauty. With a 12.9mm round Tahitian - green and blue overtones - as the center of the attention, this ring has bedazzling diamonds that form a harmonious contrast with the lustrous Tahitian. 







VIP-1335FXBRR  | 13.1mm Pink Metallic Edison Pearl and Diamond Ring ( CLICK HERE)

.Another beautiful masterpiece from our Purity Collection, this Diamond Ring carries a perfectly round Edison Freshwater Pearl. This 13.1mm sized Pearl has an exquisite metallic pink color and high luster. If you are looking for a piece that is elegant and can be passed on from generation to generation, this is the ring for you. Elegance is timeless.

This rare strand features Tahitian pearls with the highest luster, a smooth surface with very light to zero blemishes and a blue-green body color with subtle rose overtones. You'll love this strand if you like silver tones and brighter pearls.

This rare strand features Tahitian pearls with the highest luster, a smooth surface with very light to zero blemishes and a blue-green body color with subtle rose overtones. You'll love this strand if you like silver tones and brighter pearls.







VIP-1325TQB | 10.0-10.5 mm Baroque Tahitian Bracelet ( CLICK HERE)

 .This beautiful Tahitian pearl bracelet is composed of unique baroque shaped pearls with a colorful iridescence of green and peacock overtones. A very classic and yet modern piece.


We are especially delighted to introduce you to this wonderful iridescent pastel bracelet. With AAA quality Tahitian Drop Pearls, this piece has an exotic pastel shade that is truly one-of-a-kind. You already know that when it comes to high-end jewelry, details are everything. Our fabulous designer handcrafted this bracelet with a 14K Yellow Gold S-hook clasp, creating a piece that is unique and exclusive from every angle.




VIP-1328TQB | Baroque Tahitian bracelet (SOLD)

 Circles, baroques and drops all come together beautifully because of the amazing colors on this Tahitian bracelet and the statement is complete with the 14K white gold avant-garde clasp.





VIP-1329TRB | 8.0-9.3 mm Fancy Color AAA/Gem Round Tahitian Pearl Bracelet  (SOLD)

An exquisite and beautiful Round Tahitian Bracelet with a 14k white gold clasp. With unique and very carefully handpicked Tahitian pearls, one of the most impressive things about this bracelet is, without a doubt, the beautifully displayed aubergine, pistachio, peacock, silver, blue and lavender overtones that create an astonishing visual effect.









 VIP-1333SSB | Tahitian & Akoya pearl 14KY bangle with Diamonds (SOLD)

This chic and versatile bangle bracelet features 8.0-9.0 mm Tahitian and 8.5-9.0 mm Akoya pearls set on 14k yellow gold with 0.04 VS1 G quality diamonds. Sleek and modern, this piece carries a timeless elegance. You can wear it day or night, for a casual or business setting.






VIP-1319TRP | 11.6mm Tahitian and Diamond Pendant  (SOLD)

This beautiful Tahitian pendant displays a very unique and special shade of blue with a small hint of green. For those of you who appreciate extremely rare pearls, this timeless Tahitian Pendant with diamonds will be, without a doubt, one of the most essential pieces of your collection.












VIP-1320GRP | Golden South Sea 13.2mm Pendant with Diamonds  (Click Here)

Be prepared to get all the attention you deserve with this stunning Golden South Sea pendant. This masterpiece is part of our Starlight Collection, the 14k gold, and the beautifully shaped diamond makes this pendant a glamourous and elegant buy.









VIP-1321WQP | 15.1mm White South Sea Pendant with Diamonds (SOLD)

Have you been dreaming of a classic but yet sophisticated piece of high-end jewelry? This White South Sea Baroque pendant has a unique luster quality and it's very rare due to its impressive 15.1 mm size. With 14K gold, a beautiful diamond and one of the most valuable types of pearl in the market today, this piece is exclusive and one-of-a-kind.








VIP-T1322FXBRP | 14.9mm Pink/Lavender Metallic Edison Pendant with Diamonds (SOLD)

The perfect mix between delicate and bold, this lavender metallic Edison Pearl pendant is precious and rare. A part of our Starlight Collection, this pendant has a very unique metallic luster, with 14K gold and a 0.10ct diamond










VIP-1324WDP | 12.9mm White South Sea Pearl and Diamond Platinum Pendant (CLICK HERE)

Our designer, John, really knows how to create magic and to outdo himself every new collection that we launch. For this August VIP event, he designed this magnificient White South Sea Drop Pearl and Diamond Platinum Pendant and the final result is pure bliss. Are you ready to be the best dressed everywhere you go?








VIP-1331TQN | 8-10mm Super Rare Colored Baroque/Drop Tahitian Necklace (SOLD)

This exquisite necklace started life as a special order, after we spent hours sorting through pearls (I know! what a rough life) and made this, the person was crazy enough not to purchase it. In the end, I was happy they said no as I love the fact that it is now part of this VIP release, where someone who knows pearls will see the rarity in the colors and snatch it up very quickly.









VIP-1332TRN | 8.4-10.8mm Exceptional and Super Rare Round Tahitian Necklace  (SOLD)

We have thousands upon thousands of beautiful Tahitian pearls in our 1400 cubic foot vault. The vast majority of all Tahitian pearls have a deep dark body color with subtle green overtones. However, every time we buy a new harvest of Tahitian pearls and pour them out on the sorting table, there’s a few pearls that stand out from the rest because of their intense color and luster. Out of that handful (literally) of special pearls, you’ll be lucky to find a few that also happen to be perfectly round and have a near flawless surface. They are the best of the best. THIS NECKLACE IS MADE FROM THOSE PEARLS!

You would think that it would be easier to make a multicolor necklace than a necklace where the pearl all have a uniform color. But the truth is that it is incredibly difficult to make a multicolor necklace due to the fact the pearls have to be the correct size in order to have a smooth size graduation, but more importantly, the colors have to contrast and compliment the pearls on each side. As you can see from the photos below, this necklace truly is EXQUISITE!!!








VIP-1336FXBDE  | 10-11mm Metallic Multicolor Edison Drop  Pearl & Diamond Earrings (Sold Here)

You can be sure that with earrings like these, you will have all eyes on you everywhere you walk in. With 2 1/2 inches in length and 0.26 carats of G/VS quality diamonds, these earrings carry iridescent Drop Edison pearls with a mix of colors you've never seen before - copper with green and lavender overtones.










VIP-1337GRE  | 10-11mm Golden South Sea Pearl & Diamond Dainty Earrings (Click Here)

Here we have an exquisite pair of earrings, with a pair of exquisite golden south sea pearls, set in 14K yellow gold with 0.26 ctw G/VS diamonds.

Simple, elegant and classy.










VIP-1338TDE  | 10.7mm Exquisite Tahitian Drop Pearl Perfect Pair & Diamond Dainty Earrings (SOLD)

As you can tell, we REALLY love this new earring design as we've made a third pair, with an amazing pair of perfectly matched in color, shape and size Tahitian drops set in 14K white gold with 0.26 ctw G/VS diamonds