Presenting Secret VIP Lot 72519 - The Summer Jubilee - part 2

Welcome Back everyone!

We were back with a VIP release last week, part 1 and I am excited to report  that part 2 is just as SPECTACULAR, and I still don't take that word lightly.

The images you are seeing here are professional photos on the left and cell phone shots on the right.

Most of these also came from Hisano and Jeremy, our fearless pearl-sourcing team's last trip where they had a blast hand selecting an exceptional collection for this exclusive VIP program at the Hong Kong International Gem and Pearl Show.

To them, fun means finding special pearls that excite them! If you've been following us on Instagram, you've probably seen some of the crazy special, special, SPECIAL pearls they brought back.

Peter, Your Pearl Paradise Concierge

The special pieces we curate on this hidden page are not listed as regular products on the website. When you click on the products, you'll see something that reads "LOCKED CONTENT." This is just to keep the photos hidden from the public, you can still purchase them.

Also (and this is really, really important), the pearls are NOT held in your cart for 10 minutes even though there is a countdown timer on the checkout page. Some of these will double sell, and we will send the pearls to the first person who completed the checkout process.

Good luck!


So without further ado, here comes your eye candy!



VIP-1288FBRE | 11-11.5mm Metallic Freshwater Golden Edison Earrings | VIP Lot 72519 (sold)

This breathtaking golden pair of metallic freshwater pearls that changes colors from deep gold to copper with amazing green overtones is the epitome of rarity that any pearl enthusiast will be proud to wear.






VIP-1295FXN | 10-13.0mm Metallic White Freshwater Ripple Pearl Necklace | VIP Lot 72519 (sold)

Remember Sheri's screamers? A few years ago, Sheri, a friend of Jeremy and Hisano's came on a buying trip to Hong Kong and spent some time matched loose gem-grade metallic white pearls. She matched just a few strands and they went to our VIP friends from Pearl-Guide. They were aptly named, Sheri's Screamers because ... well, how else do you describe luster like this?
This is a 10-13.0mm metallic Freshwater Ripple pearl necklace that made me think of Sheri's Screamers. It is finished perfectly with the large Orbit Clasp in 14KW gold





VIP-1293FBDE | 11-12.0mm Metallic Drop Golden Green Edison Earrings | VIP Lot 72519 (Click Here)

We've had such a strong response to these metallic Edison pearls in the last couple of months, and I can see why. So many different colors coming from this pair that you'll be amazed by the copper color from one angle, then by the greens coming up from the bottom when the lighting shifts.

Our designer John had them set in 14 karat rose gold again with a nice bezel set diamond and I feel like it is the perfect match. 





VIP-1294SVN | 7.5-8.0mm Vietnamese Blue Akoya Pearl Necklace| VIP Lot 72519 (sold)

When Hisano and Jeremy visit the Vietnamese akoya pearl farmer, they never really know what they are going to get. To find enough matching pearls for a beautiful strand is super rare, especially with these great silver, blue and rose colors, and of course the luster is truly dazzling. We think these look great with a white gold orbit clasp.





VIP-1313TRP | 9-10mm Fancy Color Tahitian Double Drop Round Pearl & Diamond Pendant  | VIP Lot 72519 (sold)

This double drop pearl and diamond pendant makes a great statement without overdoing it. We have two very rare colors to choose from. There is one that is metallic green with strong blue overtones and the other is a peacock with strong aubergine overtones.
The elegance of the simple design is perfect as it makes the fancy colored Tahitian pearls the stars of the show, enhanced slightly by the 0.10 carat of G/VS diamonds set in 14K yellow gold.






VIP-1297TRP | 11.8mm Iridescent Round Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Pendant | VIP Lot 72519 (sold)

It is very rare to see an "Iridescent" Tahitian with such amazing overtones like the near perfect one we have here. The more you move it, the more colors you see. Our designer John paired it with the perfect amount of bling on our Aura collection pendant and Forzatina chain in 14K white gold. 







VIP-1298TQB | 9.2 - 10.9mm "Super Circle" Tahitian Bracelet | VIP Lot 72519  (sold)

How many ways can nature astonish us? In this work of art, you can see the answer is in many ways indeed. The colors, the shapes, the overtones but especially, the CIRCLES! - WOW! The precision in these concentric circles are truly a natural wonder, I almost forgot to mention the luster, which is why our designer John paired it with a 14K white gold ball clasp.








VIP-1299TQB | 9.1 -10.7mm Teal Blue Tahitian Baroque Bracelet | VIP Lot 72519  (sold)

Now this is another wonder of nature. The super rare Teal Blue color of this Tahitian bracelet is only matched by the screaming luster that jumps out at you from all angles. The only clasp to be put on this is a polished ball clasp to match it's mirror luster.







VIP-1300TQB |  9 - 10.9mm Iridescent Baroque Tahitian Bracelet | VIP Lot 72519  (sold)

Have I mentioned how rare it is to see an Iridescent Tahitian pearl? How about a whole bracelet? This is why I love my job! A whole bracelet of truly spectacular Tahitian pearls, every pearl on this bracelet has 3 overtone colors. Finished with a 14K white gold ball clasp to keep the luster going.









VIP-1301MQB | 8.1 - 10.7mm Intense Naturally Colored Tahitian & South Sea Pearl Bracelet | VIP Lot 72519  (sold)

In the last month. our designer John has spent hours sorting through pearls for the VIP project (I know , what a rough life:) All these amazing bracelets come from his keen eye and here we have a perfect example of his efforts with this baroque treasure of intense colored Tahitians, white south sea and golden south sea bracelet. It is finished with a 14KY gold ball clasp.









VIP-1302TDP | 9.05mm Iridescent Tahitian and Diamond Pendant | VIP Lot 72519  (sold)

Nature is definitely a blessing! The iridescence on this Tahitian is so special that it is hard to describe. Those overtones, so rosy on the top and transitioning to an amazing pistachio on the bottom, combined with the beautiful shape, gem quality surface and decadent radiance collection setting and you have a truly astonishing piece here.







VIP-1308TRR | 11.15mm Intense Aubergine Tahitian Pearl Hand Engraved Classic Ring | VIP Lot 72519  (sold)

Now nature has shifted to aubergine, and we absolutely love how the color glows on this exquisite 11.15mm Tahitian. Our designer John wanted a ring that would complement this amazing pearl but not overpower it, so he set it in an exquisite, 14K yellow gold, hand engraved setting which complements it perfectly.








VIP-1309TRR | 9.5mm Pistachio Tahitian Pearl on Green Gold Ring | VIP Lot 72519  (sold)

Just when I thought our designer John was reaching genius level, he goes and does it again. Here we have the simple but elegant design of our Embrace ring but taken to another level as John made it in 14 karat GREEN gold to match the super unique color of this 9.5mm Tahitian pearl.








VIP-1310TQB | 8.0-10.1 mm Baroque Tahitian Pearl Bracelet in 14K Green & Yellow Gold | VIP Lot 72519  (Click Here)

Continuing with the genius of John our designer, he spent hours choosing and matching these pearls and although it is difficult to tell, he also used green gold mixed with yellow gold in the wire wrapping, which makes this exquisite silver/green Tahitian pearl bracelet even more exclusive.




 VIP-1311MRP | 8.1-11.1mm Tahitian Fancy Color 4-Pearl & Diamond Pendant | VIP Lot 72519  (sold)

SUPER RARE colored round Tahitians make an astonishing statement in this four-pearl and diamond drop pendant. The pistachio and peacock overtones look great with the cherry colored pearl second from the top. We have 8.1-11.1mm in pearls and 0.14ctw in G/VS diamonds, set in 14 karat white gold.




VIP-1312WGQB | 11-12.5mm South Sea Baroque Ombré Bracelet | VIP Lot 72519  (Click Here)

Nature is awesome! I mean, look at the colors on these south sea pearls going from deep gold to a light silver, the subtle color shift in the middle pearls here is just mesmerizing to look at. I love the fact that our designer John has the presence of mind to make sure that the pavé diamond toggle clasp is half white gold and half yellow gold to match the amazing colors on this 11-12.5mm ombré bracelet.


 VIP-1314GDP | 13.2 x 17.0mm Golden South Sea Drop Pearl & Diamond 18K Pendant | VIP Lot 72519  (sold)

Reminiscent of the golden era of Hollywood glamour, this pave diamond and golden south sea pearl pendant is striking for many reasons.
The 18K gold, the pave set G/VS diamonds, the deep golden color of the pearl but most of all, the perfect shape of this 13.2 x 17.0mm drop pearl is exquisite.



VIP-1316GDP | 12.0-13.0 mm Cremé Rosé Golden South Sea Pearl Honeycomb Collection Pendant | VIP Lot 72519  (Click Here)


 This exquisite golden south sea pearl is part of the Creme Rosé collection from the largest pearl grower in the Philippines, that are leading brand of golden south sea pearls on the planet and you can see why. The deep, rich gold color and smooth texture jump out at you right away. This 12.7mm circle pearl, looks perfect set in our 14KY gold honeycomb collection pendant along with a 22" cable chain.





VIP-1317WGQB | 14.3-16.0mm South Sea Baroque Ombré Bracelet | VIP Lot 72519  (sold)

Here we have a second but larger ombré bracelet and the colors are quite different, going from deep gold to a deep silver with lots of pearls with both colors in the same pearl. Our designer John is using the same mix of pavé diamond toggle clasp where one half is white gold and the other half yellow gold to match the amazing colors on this 14.3-16.0mm ombré bracelet.