Presenting Secret VIP Lot 71819 - The Summer Jubilee - part 1

part 2 will be next Thursday, July 25th at 10am PST

Welcome Back everyone!

We haven't had a VIP release since the beginning of June and I for one have been dying to get back. I am happy to say that this VIP release, the Summer Jubilee is nothing short of SPECTACULAR, and I don't take that word lightly.

So thanks for your patience and thanks for stopping by VIP Lot 71819 - The Summer Jubillee - part 1 

The images you are seeing here are professional photos on the left and cell phone shots on the right.

Most of these also came from Hisano and Jeremy, our fearless pearl-sourcing team's last trip where they had a blast hand selecting an exceptional collection for this exclusive VIP program at the Hong Kong International Gem and Pearl Show.

To them, fun means finding special pearls that excite them! If you've been following us on Instagram, you've probably seen some of the crazy special, special, SPECIAL pearls they brought back.

Peter, Your Pearl Paradise Concierge

The special pieces we curate on this hidden page are not listed as regular products on the website. When you click on the products, you'll see something that reads "LOCKED CONTENT." This is just to keep the photos hidden from the public, you can still purchase them.

Also (and this is really, really important), the pearls are NOT held in your cart for 10 minutes even though there is a countdown timer on the checkout page. Some of these will double sell, and we will send the pearls to the first person who completed the checkout process.

Good luck!


So without further ado, here comes your eye candy!



VIP-1278TDB | 8.9-10.8 mm Pastel AAA/Gem Quality Tahitian Drop Pearl Bracelet | VIP Lot 71819 (sold)

Pastels! Pastels!  Tahitian Pastels! Ok now this is why I love my career, these pearls are so exciting tome that I get all worked up everytime I see them. The pastel rainbow looks so delicate but the luster is so high that I believe you wold have a very difficult time trying to find another bracelet this rare and special.






VIP-1279SSR | 7-7.5mm Vietnamese Akoya, Diamond and Aquamarine Ring | VIP Lot 71819 (sold)

Our designer John crafted this exquiste ring with the finset quality mother nature has to offer. The diamonds are G/VS, the aquamarines are the perfect brialliant cut blues and the star of the show, the Vietnamese Blue Akoya is brethtaking.




VIP-1289WQR | 15.7 x 25.7mm White South Sea Baroque Pearl 18KW Ring | VIP Lot 71819 (sold)

Here I am super excited to be presenting a truly one of a kind masterpiece. Our designer John spent months carving out the base of this ring and crafted it to fit this astonishing white south sea baroque pearl. Hand Crafted in 18K white gold and accented by the perfect amount of G/VS1 quality bezel set diamonds. 





VIP-1281FBLP | 20.5mm Metallic Fireball and Multi Round Pearl Pendant | VIP Lot 71819 (Sold)

This exciting fireball pendant comes to life with the rose gold chain and the metallic pink and lavender round pearls because they all have an amzing rose overtone that just screams luster. The massive fireball measures 20.5 x 25.8mm and the two metallics are 6-6.5mm and 8-8.5mm respectively, all brought together by the 14K rose gold.






VIP-1280TDP | 12.1mm Peacock Tahitian Pendant encircled by Textured Gold Ring | VIP Lot 71819 (sold)

What a thrill it is to present this exquisite creation by our designer John Dwight. He has outdone himself with this piece. It is a hand engraved, pendant on this incredible 12.1mm Tahitian peacock pearl that is encircled by a textured gold ring. Simple yet sophisticated. 






VIP-1283GQP | 12.7mm  Exclusive Creme Rosé Golden South Sea pearl pendant | VIP Lot 71819  (Sold)

This exquisite golden south sea pearl is part of the Creme Rosé collection from the largest pearl grower in the Phillipines, that are leading brand of golden south sea pearls on the planet and you can see why. The deep, rich gold color and smooth texture jump out at you right away. This 12.7mm circle pearl, looks perfect set in our 14KY gold honeycomb collection pendant along with a 22" cable chain.







VIP-1292FXQP | 18.4mm Metallic Fireball Pearl and Diamond Pendant | VIP Lot 71819  (sold)

We sell Freshwater Fireballs all over the globe. Recently, I shipped to amazing fireballs like this one to a lucky lady in Australia. Here we have a striking sculpture from Mother Nature that screams golds and lavenders that come together perfectly with a simple bezel set diamond in 14K rose gold and an adjustable 20/22" cable chain.






VIP-1290TRP | 11.5mm Rare "Chocolate-Pistachio" Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Pendant | VIP Lot 71819  (Click Here)

Talk about a very important pearl! This "Chocolote-Pistachio" Tahitian screams out this beautiful color of pistachio green from some angles and the looks totally chocolate from another angle and the fact that it is naturally colored makes it qualify under the VIP (Very Important Pearl) spectrum. Our designer John felt that our Radiance diamond collection pendant in 14K yellow gold matched the golden overtones perfectly and we agree.








VIP-1282FXBRP | 11-12mm Golden Edison Round Pearl "Phoebe" Pendant | VIP Lot 71819  (Click Here)

Inspired by Saturn, this new pendant design is called the Phoebe, named after one of the rings of the Planet Saturn. With the metallic edison golden pearl, this pendant actually looks like it came from outer space. It is perfectly matched setting it in 14 karat yellow gold






VIP-1287SQN | 4-5.0mm Blue Baroque Akoya 16" Cleopatra Necklace | VIP Lot 71819  (sold)

This top drilled, naturally colored blue baroque Akoya 16" necklace with rose and silver overtones was hand selected by our fearless pearl sourcing team, Hisano and Jeremy and it shows why they are the best when you see what an amazing statement this necklace makes.







VIP-1286GQN | 14.3 - 17mm Golden South Sea Pearl 18" necklace | VIP Lot 71819  (Click Here)

This impressive strand features large Golden South Sea pearls in the rare size range from 14.3 to 17.0 mm! The pearls have the desirable 22 karat gold color and iridescent green and rose overtones, drop shaped with light circles, have very light to zero blemishes, and the sharpest luster.







VIP-1285MQN |8.5-9.0mm Blue Akoya and 12-13mm Tahitian Baroque Pearl Necklace | VIP Lot 71819  (Sold)

For the discerning collector that loves the unique and rare, we present an astonishing rope of blue baroque Akoyas interlaced with massive baroque tahitians throughout that will surely be the center of attention everytime you wear it. The juxtaposition of the baroque blues and greens together with the large orbit clasp make for the perfect rope necklace.







VIP-1296GQN | 11.2-14.4mm Freeform Baroque Golden South Sea Pearl Necklace| VIP Lot 71819  (Click Here)

Here is another Golden South Sea pearl that is not as large as its big sister but it is makes a solid statement at 11.2 - 14.6mm. The freeform baroque pearls look great with the different shades of gold.






VIP-1291FBN | 20mm+ Fireball 18" Necklace with Large 14KW Toggle Clasp | VIP Lot 71819  (Click Here)

Every one of the Fireball pearls that were hand chosen by our fearless pearl sourcing team of Hisano & Jeremy for this awesome necklace are over 20mm in size. And, awesome it is. This statement piece will definitely be the topic of conversation for the lucky lady who ends up with it. It comes with the only choice in clasp you can with such a work of nature, which is a 14K white gold toggle clasp.






VIP-1284SQN | 7-7.5mm Vietnamese Akoya Opera Necklace | VIP Lot 71819  (sold)

When Hisano and Jeremy visit the Vietnamese akoya pearl farmer, they never really know what they are going to get. To find enough matching pearls for a beautiful strand is super rare, especially with these great silver, blue and rose colors, and of course the luster is truly dazzling!