Presenting Secret VIP Lot 52919

Good afternoon!

I am very excited to be back with VIP Lot 52919 - Color your World with Pearls. 

Most of these also came from Hisano and Jeremy, our fearless pearl-sourcing team's last trip where they had a blast hand selecting an exceptional collection for this exclusive VIP program at the Hong Kong International Gem and Pearl Show.

To them, fun means finding special pearls that excite them! If you've been following us on Instagram, you've probably seen some of the crazy special, special, SPECIAL pearls they brought back.

Peter, Your Pearl Paradise Concierge

The special pieces we curate on this hidden page are not listed as regular products on the website. When you click on the products, you'll see something that reads "LOCKED CONTENT." This is just to keep the photos hidden from the public, you can still purchase them.

Also (and this is really, really important), the pearls are NOT held in your cart for 10 minutes even though there is a countdown timer on the checkout page. Some of these will double sell, and we will send the pearls to the first person who completed the checkout process.

Good luck!

The next release will happen:
Wednesday, June 5th at 4 PM EST - 1 PM PST

So without further ado, here comes your eye candy!



VIP-696-GDL | 15.0 Golden South Sea Pearl 24 karat color with 14KY Diamond Setting | VIP Lot 52919 (Click Here)

You will feel like an aristocrat with this gorgeous pendant from our Royalty Collection adorning your neck! It features a giant Golden South Sea pearl that Hisano personally selected in March. The extra special pearl is in a rare large size range of 15.0 x 16.2 mm, has a smooth and clean surface, and a dark 24 karat gold color with iridescent rose and green overtones.

We paired it with a hand-crafted (yes, we made the setting too!), 14-karat yellow gold and has a total weight of 0.09 ct of pave' set diamonds.




VIPVABS-04 | 29" - 7.5-8.0mm Vietnamese Blue Akoya Necklace | VIP Lot 52919 (Click Here)

When Hisano and Jeremy visit the Vietnamese akoya pearl farmer, they never really know what they are going to get. To find enough matching pearls for a beautiful strand is super rare, especially with these great silver, blue and rose colors, and of course the luster is truly dazzling.




VIP-FXBH-13 | 7.82 - 11.48mm Freshwater Peacock Edison 18" Necklace | VIP Lot 52919 (Click Here)

The exquisite natural colors on this set of Freshwater Peacock pearls is simply INCREDIBLE! Just look at all those different colors reflecting everywhere! I was mesmerized while or stringing specialist meticulously worked on this, pearl by pearl, one at a time. As she moved the pearls around, adding the next beautiful pearl, the colors screamed from every angle.

The best part is, the matching earrings are the perfect larger size along with the same incredible colors. 




VIP-C15-DuetJRM | 14.5 x 23.3mm Freshwater Fireball Pearl and Diamond 14K Rose Pendant | VIP Lot 52919 (Click Here)

Here comes another crazy fireball! The golds and lavenders are such a beautiful contrast. I never get tired of these as they are miniature sculptures. I had this one set in a perfect 14 karat rose gold and diamond pendant and I LOVE it!




VIP-D3-Met-DewJRM | 10.5 Metalic Edison Drop Pearl and Diamond Earrings (Click Here)

Ever since we restarted the VIP program, and we released a set of these Exotic Edison drops, I've had so much interest in them. I have a customer from Paris that was here on vacation and we shipped it to her before she left and she wrote me an email that she was wearing them to the theater on the closing night of Moliere's "Le Misanthrope"  which made my day. 




VIP-D4-Met-WingJRM | 10-11mm Metallic Edison Drop Pearl Earrings  (Click Here)

We've had such a strong response to these I am including a second pair in this release.  So many different colors coming from this pair of sculptures that you'll be amazed by the copper color from one angle, then by the greens coming up from the bottom when the lighting shifts.

I had them set in 14 karat rose again as I feel like it is the perfect match. 




VIP-401HDE | Hanadama Pearl and Pave set Diamond Earrings in 14K Rose  (Click Here)

Nacre thickness that is literally off the chart! These pearls are perfectly matched and their size falls within the 8.5-9.0 mm range - large for akoya, yet not too big, and they are easy to wear. They are set on beautiful 14k rose gold settings with .43 cttw pave set diamonds. When you receive these pearls, it will be love at first sight!