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Hanadama Pearls

What are Hanadama Pearls?

Hanadama is a Japanese word used to describe the best of the best in akoya pearls. The word literally translates to 'flower pearl' in Japanese. When a pearl farm harvests their crop in Japan, the first thing the farmers do is separate out all the truly exceptional pearls. These treasures are then kept separate and treated as a separate category to be sold to the finest of dealers and wholesalers. When you wear a strand of hanadama akoya pearls, you're wearing the best.

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What makes them so special?

Why do you love akoya pearls? It's the luster, right? That's what makes akoya pearls so precious and beautiful. But there is luster and then there is LUSTER. Imagine a strand of pearls that appears to glow, catching your eye as you walk past a mirror. That's what makes a strand of hanadama pearls special. Not only are they perfectly round and clean, but they shine like shimmering orbs around your neck or on your ears. What makes them special? They are the best in the world.

The Hanadama Certificate of Authenticity

Each Hanadama pearl purchase comes with a Certificate of Pearl Identification & Grading from the Pearl Science Laboratory in Japan. These certificates detail everything there is to know about the pearls using various techniques such as magnification, inner inspection by optical fiber, and even X-ray evaluation. Size, shape, color, and surface quality/luster are all reviewed and documented. Not just any pearls get official certification such as this, Hanadama akoya are the very best pearls in the world. The certificates are laminated and delivered in a luxurious folder. It's a great way to protect your investment.

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