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To keep this page clean, we will be refreshing it each day with new Steals, Deals, and New Fun Things. 

I will make note of which items are still available from previous days. If you click on a link and the page no longer exists... unfortunately, that means, it has sold.

As a refresher:

"STEALS" are Final Sale. This also means, please do not use any promotional codes on them, or the order will be canceled. We've bundled it together in this manner intentionally. 

"DEALS" are exclusive offers for our VIPs. They are not to be shared publicly.  

We are going to giving you additional price cuts from pieces and specials on our website. This includes new products, unreleased items, and special pricing.

"NEW & FUN" are special projects and updates. There isn't a structure just yet... but this is the section where we will post any new developments, exciting finds, and miscellaneous items. 

2.22.2019 UPDATE:

Over the last couple of weeks, we've received countless messages from our VIPs with feedback on what they liked, loved, disliked, and found frustrating about this "private vault." 

We've taken all of your feedback very seriously and our small team is working hard to accommodate. Although this is not part of our main website, we value our loyal customers and friends and want to make this experience as enjoyable and fun as possible.

This initially started as an experiment to clear some of the pearls we've hoarded over the years, but it has really grown into a special page where we can show our VIPs just how much we appreciate them, by offering special pearls and special deals.

We wanted to make this announcement to say... Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your support. Thank you for helping us grow this community.

Please accept our apologies if this private vault has caused frustration or a negative experience. We heard you and we've made some changes.... starting with today's "Steals." 


2.22.2019 STEALS - To Go Live 4PM PST

Many of you have been requesting Tahitian Baroque Necklaces... so we made it happen. We took our latest batch of necklaces and cherry-picked the most lustrous, color intense, special strands and reserved them for our VIPs. You have a chance to claim one of these special strands before we move it into photography and list it on our website.

Furthermore, we've taken time to photograph these strands in various lighting, natural light, office light, studio light, and against skin. AND we've uploaded these into a special folder where you can view the images in High-Resolution. 


LIVE - CLICK HERE STEALS-222A - Petite Tahitian Baroque 18" Necklace, 43 Pearls, Bright Green Peacock, 7.5-10.6mm - $839

HIGH RES PHOTOS HERE (includes shots against skin)


LIVE - CLICK HERE STEALS-222B - Petite Tahitian Baroque 18" Necklace, 43 Pearls, High Luster, Super Peacock/Green, 8.1-10.3mm - $839

HIGH RES PHOTOS HERE (includes shots against skin)


LIVE - CLICK HERE STEALS-222C - Petite Tahitian Baroque 18" Necklace, 43 Pearls, Green Body Color, Blue/Peacock/Cherry Overtone, 8.1-10.5mm - $839

HIGH RES PHOTOS HERE (includes shots against skin)


2.22.2019 DEALS  

LIVE - CLICK HERE 9.0-11.7mm AAA Deep Gold, Round Golden South Sea Bracelet, 21 stunning "earring grade" pearls, 8" unstrung for $3999 (web price $5545)

String to your length of choice and for our VIPs, we will even make the leftover pearls into a dangle earring pair for you. This glows in every lighting. 


LIVE - CLICK HERE 36" Multicolor AAA/Gem Quality Round Tahitian Necklace (9.1mm - 10.9mm)  

Today, we're re-visiting one of the very, very first VIP pieces we created in December. This is live, and on sale currently. But our VIPs can use code: VIP-DEALS001T for an additional $2500 off the website price. 

Additional photos below. 


LIVE - CLICK HERE 4.5-5.0mm Naturally Colored Silver Blue Baroque Akoya "Cleopatra" Strand (4 available) at $629/each

Look at this fun design. Carefully drilled, silver-blue baroque Akoya pearls laid out in this fashionable and stylish strand. 

Though the pearls are much smaller, the creative layout makes the necklace look both chic and regal. A lovely piece to add to any wardrobe and jewelry box. 



"NEW & FUN" 

UPDATED 2.13.2019: 17mm+ now LIVE

If you guessed giant blue/silver/gold multi-toned Baroque South Seas, then you guessed correctly!!

We haven't photographed or listed them yet, but we will be sharing each of the batches to allow our VIPs dibs on purchasing them as loose pearls. 

We will be going from largest to smallest. Here are the batches and the special VIP price points for what we will be releasing over the next few days.


17-18 mm  $1100/pearl 

16-17 mm  $700/pearl

15-16 mm  $500/pearl

14-15 mm  $400/pearl

13-14 mm  $300/pearl

12-13 mm  $250/pearl

10-12 mm  $150/pearl



Pearls are undrilled. If you have a project you'd like to work on, please send an inquiry to support@pearlparadise.com after you have purchased. 

Once the pearl is drilled, it is non-refundable. We are happy to set up consultations with our talented designer, John to create a memorable piece with these memorable pearls.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW BETTER PHOTOS. To make decisions easier, we've included FRONT and BACK aerial views of the pearl. 







CLICK HERE to shop our February / VDAY Specials which includes... bigger, metallic edison strands!

And if you missed our email yesterday, these are some special codes for our VIPs. Again.. they're not listed on the website, so please keep it your eyes only. We won't be able to do fun specials for our VIPs if our codes leak on sites like "RetailMeNot" and other coupon sharing forums. 


$25 off orders $200+
$70 off orders $500+
$200 off orders $1500+
$450 off orders $3000+





Other photos from our haul. 


Got suggestions? Things you would like to see deals on? Pearls you think we should source? *Hint* Hong Kong Show coming up.......... 

We'd love to hear your suggestions! Send us a message at support@pearlparadise.com with subject line: VIP New & Fun


Well... it's exactly what it sounds like. We will introduce one "Steal" a day. Why? As we move towards sourcing more exciting pearls, we want to be able to clear some of the pearls we've been hoarding over the years.

Because of that, we're going to mark them down to "steals" type prices. The catch? Final sale.

We know, we know! But wait 'til you see what we have and it will make sense. Our first steal of the season:

LIVE - 8.5-9.0mm Metallic Freshwater Pairs Loose Pearls - $290 for all 4 pairs in your choice of 14kt gold stud findings. CLICK HERE


1. Look at the reflection in those pearls (can you see my face?)

2. Pick your favorite pair and have 3 to give away to your pearl friends (or keep all 4!)

3. Did you know that freshwater pearls could have almost "peacock" tones? Take a look at the green and pink halos in the side view.


A while back, we were approached by a designer who asked us to create pearl pendants in bulk as part of a special collaboration. The end result was hundreds of Tahitian pendants in 10-11mm in 16" Sterling Silver chains....with quite a number left over.

There were some truly gorgeous drop and baroque shaped pearls in the mix. And as we've continuously put off disassembling the pendants and incorporating them into new 14K Gold designs.... this is now today's steal.

LIVE - CLICK HERE 10-11 mm Drop and BaroqueTahitian Pearl Pendants in fixed 16" Sterling Silver designs - $525 for all 9 pendants.


1. It's always handy to have pearl pendants to give away. Girlfriend, Nieces, Sisters, Friends, Graduations, Birthdays, Special Occasions. 

2. We cherry-picked the AAA pearls in this design collection. The pearls are all incredibly lustrous with clean surfaces. The pearls alone make this a worthwhile batch to snatch. (We create rhymes now too...) 

3. Just look at how they color-shift in different lighting! And once again, reflection can be seen in all the pearls.


LIVE - CLICK HERE 10-12mm AAA Golden South Sea Baroque Necklace in 18 inches, $830

Today's steal comes from a jam-packed day filling Valentine's Day orders. We haven't been able to curate as many offerings, so... here is one that we decided to put up as a "we feel like it" type of thing. 


  1. Luster
  2. Color
  3. Price



Well... this is also what it sounds like. Exclusive deals only for our VIPs. Here's the only catch... this will only work if we keep this on the low down. After all, we do have a business to run. ;) 

We are going to giving you additional price cuts from pieces and specials on our website. This includes new products, unreleased items, and special pricing.


LIVE - Golden South Sea Harvest Bracelets. $330/each CLICK HERE

Not sure if this needs an explanation... this is more of a gift than a deal. Comes in your choice of a 14kt small orbit clasp.

Option A:

Option B:

Option C:

Option D:

Option E:

Option F:


10-11mm Endless Golden South Sea Ombre Strands 

While these are already on the website, we will be giving our VIPs the exclusive price of $3600. They vary slightly in length and overtones, but to keep it simple... 

Code will be released as part of the 7PM links. 


Ombre Strand 1


Ombre Strand 2


Ombre Strand 3




Who remembers these? 18 inch Multicolor Vietnamese Baroque Akoya Necklace with intense metallic-like luster. Not Japanese Baroque Akoya. These are more intensely colored. We have 3 available at $399/strand


And of course... the 9.5-10.0mm White Baroque Akoyas that strung to 18 inches. We selected 5 of the most lustrous strands from our batch. $782/strand. We now have 1 available once more. 


LIVE - CLICK HERE Graduated multi-tone White freshadama necklace, hand-assembled in Hong Kong by Jeremy. 6.0mm - 10.0mm. $699

"NEW & FUN" 


Story time! 

One of our newest clients, wrote us asking the very, very interesting question:

"Instead of spending $Y at (top name $$$$ jewelry brand), what could Pearl Paradise do with $X?" 

As many of you know, Pearl Paradise was built with the vision of making high-quality pearls affordable to everyone. We have spent the last 2 decades carefully curating our product mix based on the majority of our customer base.

BUT. That doesn't mean we do not have the contacts and relationships to source amazing, luxe, and ultra-luxe pearls. In fact, as pearl aficionados, those are the inquiries we love. It's a lot of fun trying to fly in strands from all over the world and seeing just how beautiful pearls can get.

The photos you are looking at were taken by none other than...... a Mr. Andrew Moline. They are natural white akoya strands. Can you believe the luster and color on these strands are not treated?

Photos truly do not do these strands justice. The luster is out of this world. We have 2 strands. 8.0-8.5 and 8.5-9.0mm. 

Retail on these? We would list these on our site at $7875 and $9975. For our VIPs, we are discounting them at 30% ($5510 and $6980 for our pearl enthusiasts). 

They are not live yet, but because these are truly unique strands. We are taking inquiries for interested parties. In 2 days, they are being sent to Japan to officially be certified as Natural White Hanadama strands.

When they are returned to us, we will be listing them on our website as Special Hanadama strands. 


What do you think? Should we keep publishing special project and unique finds? Just for fun, should we source a $100K strand? 

We'd love to hear your suggestions! Send us a message at support@pearlparadise.com with subject line: VIP New & Fun


We've been looking for the next cool thing to bring to our New Specials page. If you haven't already browsed, it's a new section on our website, also linked HERE


LIVE - CLICK HERE - 10.1-12.4 mm Extra Lustrous AA+/AAA White South Sea Drop Pearl Necklace for $1299 

This one came back from a sample South Sea collection we made for a potential corporate partner. It has never been listed on our website, but... look at that glow.



LIVE - CLICK HERE 10-12mm Multi-Tone Baroque South Sea Pearls

If you scroll down to the bottom of this page, you will see that we just got a fresh batch of baroque Blue/Gold multi-toned South Sea pearls in. 

And as a special thanks for our supporters, this is the one and only time we will be putting this up at "steal" price. Here are 4 pearls selected from the 10-12mm lot ($150/pearl VIP price, $210/pearl web price), that are offered as a Steal for $495. 


1. Special one-of-a-kind pearls that glow like no other

2. We couldn't find enough angles or different lighting to capture just how many colors are on one pearl

3. When you look at the photos below, and your immediate reaction is: "I want," then you know this is something you have to snatch up.