Black Pearl Necklaces

Black pearl necklaces are perfect for the fashion-forward woman. They go well with every skin tone, and black and dark-toned, the colors suit any outfit. Freshwater and akoya pearls are not naturally black. They are color-treated with a stay-fast, organic dye. Tahitian pearls are naturally black.

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Item: FWN120

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Item: TAP-Leather2-000

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Item: FWN220

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Item: SWN220

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Item: FWN222

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Item: FWN123

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Item: TAP-Leather2

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Item: FWN420

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Item: FWN223

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Item: TAN000-1068

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Item: TQN-1036

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Item: FWN322

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Item: TDN-1125

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Item: TAN200-1113

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Item: FWN323

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Item: TDN-1126