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Learn about Pearl Grading

In order to make a wise, educated purchase, it is important to understand the basics of pearl grading. Unfortunately, there is no international standard of pearl grading, which leads to much confusion in the market. The lack of grading standards has allowed dealers to create their own grading systems that often use superfluous vernacular such as AAA+ and AAAA.

While a strict international system does not yet exist, there are systems in place known as best grading practices. These are primarily in the South Sea and Tahitian pearl genre, as the standards are set and designed by the pearl producers themselves. All the pearls we offer at are graded to the strictest standards, and all best practices and producer grading standards are utilized.


Freshwater Pearl Grading

Freshwater pearls offer the widest range of sizes, shapes, colors and surface qualities.

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Akoya Pearl Grading

Purchasing high-quality akoya pearls is important if you are to own a lasting piece of jewelry.

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Tahitian Pearl Grading

Tahitian pearls have a strict grading standard set by the French Polynesia government.

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South Sea Pearl Grading

South Sea pearls are graded in a very similar fashion to cultured Tahitain pearls.

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