Natural White Akoya Pearls

Akoya pearls are the classic type of pearl. Akoya was the first type of pearl to be commercially farmed, by Kokichi Mikimoto nearly a century ago. The akoya pearl is known for its perfectly round shape, sharp luster, and brilliant white bodycolor with a hint of rosé.

But akoya pearls are rarely ever white. In order to achieve this desired color, they are bleached and then put through a process known as pinking. This is a universal process, and one that every strand of akoya pearls one finds in retail jewelry stores has gone through.

We believe, however, that treatment is not always necessary! By partnering with a producer in Japan, we are proud to introduce the first natural-white akoya line to be offered in the United States. The pearls in this line have each been hand-selected from freshly harvested pearls for their naturally white bodycolors, with just a hint of rosé. The pearls have not been bleached, nor have they been color-treated in any way.

Only the finest pearls have been selected for this line. We have a selection of AAA quality, and hanadama grade akoya pearls. The hanadama are lab-certified, and each certificate states that there is no evidence of color addition in these pearls. No other hanadama retailers in the United States have certificates with this distinction.

Natural Gold Akoya Pearls

Gold is a color most often associated with pearls from the gold-lip South Sea pearl oyster. These regal pearls are among the most expensive and largest pearls produced today. But the gold-lip oyster is not the only oyster capable of producing naturally, golden-color pearls. The akoya pearl oyster is capable as well.

Our new line of golden akoya pearl strands and earrings is composed of 100%, natural-color akoya pearls. These pearls have been selected from harvest for their color, and have not gone through common bleaching treatments associated with akoya pearls.

We offer a range of quality, and a range of golden hues. Every grade is perfectly round, from AA+ to AAA, and our lab-certified "kinsyoku" quality. Kinsyoku is the Japanese equivalent for hanadama grade when describing naturally golden akoya pearls. These certified strands' certificates state that there is no evidence of color addition in these pearls. The colors are completely natural.

Natural Blue and Blue-Silver Akoya Pearls

Two years ago we introduced a line of naturally blue baroque akoya pearls for the first time. These pearls were widely known in Asia, but were rarely seen in the United States. The pearls were beautiful, so we decided to bring the home and offer them to our US customers. The pearls were a hit. We've since brought in more than 1,000 strands of these unique pearls.

But the pearls were baroque, and finding enough naturally blue round pearls to create strands was a daunting task. We have finally succeeded. We now have a small collection of round, blue and blue-silver akoya pearl strands.

Round, blue akoya strands are so rare and difficult to create, we've separated this line, not based strictly on quality, but on color and luster as well. Every strand is composed of completely natural color akoya. We also have a select few strands that we submitted to the Pearl Science Laboratory of Japan for grade certification. These strands have achieved the "madama" level, or the equivalent grade of hanadama (highest) for natural-color, blue akoya strands. The certified strands' certificates also state that there is no evidence of color addition. The colors are completely natural.