Elia, Customer Service, PearlParadise
Customer Service

Elia graduated summa cum laude from the University of California, San Diego, with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre. Upon graduation she re-located to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. It was Mia, her college friend and fellow San Diegan, who brought her over to Pearl Paradise and introduced her to the world of pearls and jewelry. Elia has worked at Pearl Paradise for a few years now, and it has been a unique enterprise. She now has experience in pearl drilling, matching, quality sorting, stringing, purchasing, custom orders, bookkeeping, and accounting. She currently oversees the returns and exchanges, as well as the occasional repairs, and has a diploma in Pearls from the Gemological Institute of America. One of her favorite parts of working at Pearl Paradise is receiving “thank you” emails from happy customers.

When not working at Pearl Paradise, Elia loves to write comedic material, performs in professional theatre productions, film, television and commercials, and does voiceover work in both English and Spanish.