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G&G eBrief - Chinese Freshwater Cultured Pearls Beaded with Baroque Freshwater Cultured Pearls
October, 2011 - This contributor recently examined a strand of Chinese freshwater cultured pearls loaned by Jeremy Shepherd of Pearl Paradise...Read More
In the Media
Idina Menzel wears Pearl Paradise ring at Billboard Women in Music event
12/12/2014 - Idina Menzel wears the Ombre Sapphire Rose Gold Ring with Lavender Freshwater Pearl to the Billboard Women in Music event. December 12 2014...Read More
PearlParadise.com on KTLA
5/2/2011 - Pearl Paradise featured in three segments on KTLA. ...Read More
PearlParadise in US Weekly - Sept 2013
September, 2013 - PearlParadise.com had a piece featured in the US Weekly Fall Style Guide feature "Insiders' It Lists...Read More
Shell Shocked - JCKOnline.com - October 2010
October, 2010 - The Freshwater revolution of the past decade has stirred debate over origin, nomenclature, and disclosure. The upside? Never a dull moment...Read More
The Style List - July 2010
July, 2010 - Insinuate that pearls are old-ladyish to Jeremy Shepherd at great peril. “That’s ignorance,” retorts the founder of pearlparadise.com...Read More
Destination Weddings and Honeymoons - June 2010
June, 2010 - A couple of times a year, I fly from Los Angeles to Hong Kong for a day of meetings with clients and suppliers of my online jewelry store...Read More
The Secrets of a Road Warrior
March 1, 2010 - A couple of times a year, I fly from Los Angeles to Hong Kong for a day of meetings with clients and suppliers of my online jewelry store...Read More
Pearl Buying Guide
5th Edition, 2010 - Pearl Buying Guide uses a beautiful set of Hanadama Akoya pearls from PearlParadise.com as an example to readers of top quality Akoya pearls...Read More
Southern Bride - Midsouth - Winter/Spring 2010
Winter / Spring, 2010 - Featured in this edition from Southern Bride is a Tahitian set of pearls and golden south sea ring...Read More
Destination Weddings and Honeymoons - Dec 2009
Dec, 2009 - Two items from PearlParadise.com are featured in this edition of Desination Weddings Honeymoons...Read More
Time for small businesses to hunker down
February 20th, 2008 - "...Pearl Paradise sells high-quality pearls at lower prices to everyone from college students to investment bankers."...Read More
PearlParadise.com Buys Akoya Pearl Farm
June 7, 2007 - Jeremy Shepherd, president of PearlParadise.com has become the first American to own an Akoya pearl farm in Asia...Read More
Spanning the Blue Globe, for Little White Ones
November 13, 2007 - As a former flight attendant and now as president and founder of my company, PearlParadise.com...Read More
Pearl Paradise takes akoyas from Chinese seas
September 01, 2007 - Xuwen, China — Pearlparadise.com, a fast-growing, U.S.-based online pearl retailer and supplier, has taken the next step in its evolution...Read More
Importer expects $20 million in 2007
May 25th, 2007 - The adage that it's better to give than receive resonates with Jeremy Shepherd...Read More
Pearl Shepherd
No. 10 October 2006 - With 14 pearl web sites, pearl dealer Jeremy Shepherd believes he's cornered the market on online pearls...Read More
Break Shells, Find Pearls
Vol, 23 No. 91, 2006 - Before Shepherd could launch the business he had to learn it from scratch...Read More
Jewellery News Asia
April 2006 - PearlParadise.com, a specialist pearl jewellery retail web site established in 1997 in the US, reported sales growth for the 8th consecutive year...Read More
Pearl seller finds trust in essential success
July 12, 2005 - Jeremy Shepherd didn't expect to discover a multimillion-dollar business while working the skies as a flight attendant...Read More
What is is like to surpass your competition
September 2005 - When the SARS epidemic hit in early 2003, Jeremy Shepherd, founder of online pearl retailer PearlParadise.com...Read More
Most Likely to Succeed
July 01, 2005 - During a Beijing layover in 1996, Northwest flight attendant Jeremy Shepherd bought a set of pearls for $25...Read More
The Price is Right!
April/May 2005 - Show us the money-and we'll show you what to wear. Here, wedding-day looks (dresses and accessories) for every bride and every budget...Read More
A Virtual Pearl Paradise
September, 2005 - PearlParadise.com is once again thrilled to have been...Read More
Holiday Sales Show E-Commerce Alive and Well
January 12, 2005 - Like thousands of other online retailers, 2004 was a banner year for PearlParadise.com...Read More
Oscar(R) Gift Baskets to Include Baroque Tahitian Pearls
February 22, 2005 - One of the fastest growing on-line jewelry retailers specializes exclusively in cultured pearls...Read More
A Paradise of Pearls
Vol,1 No. 1, 2005 - I have to confess; I'm jaded. Maybe it's too much reality television. The idea that a normal person, growing up in...Read More
Savvy Splurges
June, 2004 - Savvy Splurges for under $500...Read More
Happy Returns
January, 2004 - Retaining your customers is a lot less expensive than getting new ones. So how do you know they're coming back for more...Read More
Negotiating Across Wide Cultural Divide
June, 2004 - Jeremy Shepherd, president of PearlParadise.com has become the first American to own an Akoya pearl farm in Asia...Read More
Newsweek - SARS Special
June 2003 - Pearls are always a perfect gift-especially for a woman whose birthday is in June (its her birthstone)...Read More
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