Pearl Tin Cups

Pearl Tin Cup necklaces, also known as station necklaces, became popular in the mid-1990s with the release of the Kevin Costner, Don Johnson and Renee Russo movie 'Tin Cup'. Throughout the movie Ms. Russo wore a pearl necklace that featured pearls set in different lengths throughout the strand. Still today, this style is very popular.

The necklace worn by Renee Russo that started the craze was a simple design, most likely composed of sterling silver and small freshwater pearls. Although the simplicity of such a piece is beautiful, we have taken her fashion-forward look to a completely new level. Our line of pearl tin cups are all composed of solid, 14-karat chains, with pearls individually wire-wrapped into position – not simply set with glue. They will never slip or slide out of place. We use the finest pearls from our inventory to create these pieces, focusing primarily on exotic Tahitian pearls with rare peacock and cherry overtones, and South Sea pearls, both white from Australia, and golden pearls from the Philippines.

We personally make every tin cup pearl necklace we sell, by hand, in our Los Angeles office. This gives us the ability to create any style of tin cup, and we have made many unique pieces in the past. If you are looking for something in particular, whether a 50-inch necklace to wrap around several times, or a combination of Tahitian, South Sea, akoya or even freshwater pearls, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. We will create the perfect tin cup to your exact specifications.