Pearl Rings

Pearls are the world’s only organic gems. They are true gifts of nature. Unlike diamonds and other gemstones, pearls are considered a green luxury. They are not mined and their natural hosts are beneficial to the environment. A pearl ring, with a single pearl set on a gold band, is the perfect way to showcase nature's beauty.

For a simple, conservative option, consider our collection of freshwater and akoya pearl rings. The pearls we use are only the finest of our inventory, as each pearl is showcased as a stand-alone gem. We only select perfectly round pearls for this collection.

If you are considering a more exotic look, browse our selection of Tahitian pearl rings. Although commonly referred to as black pearls, Tahitian pearls come in a range of colors, from the most popular green and peacock, to dark black and light silver. Each Tahitian pearl ring is made to order, to your exact specifications of pearl size and color. Every ring is set with a pearl guaranteed to be free of any blemishing, and exhibiting beautiful luster.

For the regal look, a South Sea pearl ring is the ultimate choice. We carry both white and golden South Sea pearls from Australia, the Philippines and Indonesia. As with our other pearl rings, we select only the finest pearls to be set into these stand-alone pieces, which serve to complement the beauty of the pearl.

A new popular trend is the pearl engagement ring. Over the years, we have been honored with the opportunity to create numerous rings for brides around the world. The most popular variety of pearl engagement ring is one set with a natural pearl; a piece that can never be replicated and impossible to duplicate.

Because every pearl ring is made to order, the combinations you see here are the only options available. We would certainly be happy to mix and match pearls with the different available settings