Pearl Sets

A full set of pearls is the most versatile of all pearl jewelry options. Nearly all of our sets come complete with a necklace, bracelet and a pair of earrings which may each be worn independently to complement a particular outfit, or together for a full pearl ensemble. A pearl set also makes are remarkable gift for the true pearl lover.

The most affordable line of pearl sets we offer is the freshwater. Our freshwater pearl sets come in a range of natural pastel colors and the traditional white, as well as qualities ranging from the very-near round AA+, to the round, lustrous freshadama, which are composed of the absolute finest freshwater pearls produced today.

For the classic look, consider our line of akoya pearl sets. Each set is comprised of a perfectly matched necklace, bracelet and pair of earrings, finished with your choice of solid, 14-karat clasps and posts. Our akoya pearls are perfectly round, and feature intense luster and smooth surfaces. We are also the only company on the Internet today offering hanadama-certified akoya pearls in necklace and earring sets.

A relatively new addition to this line is our collection of Tahitian pearl sets. Tahitian pearls were once among the most expensive variety of pearls in the world. Today, while still considered substantially more valuable than freshwater or akoya, Tahitian pearls have become much more affordable. We offer a range of different Tahitian pearl sets including round strands with bracelets and earrings, and a collection of tin-cup pearl sets.

The variety of pearl types, colors, sizes and shapes available can be combined in nearly limitless ways. Because we make every pearl set we sell by hand here in Los Angeles, your choices are not limited to what is immediately available here. If you are looking for something different, or something unique, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. We would be very happy to create the perfect set of pearls for you.