Black Pearl Earrings

If you are looking for a fashionable, exotic look, black pearl earrings are the perfect way to go. Our line of black pearl earrings includes a selection of freshwater, akoya and Tahitian pearls. Akoya and freshwater do not naturally occur in dark colors, so they are treated with a color-safe, organic dye. Tahitian pearls, however, are produced in naturally-dark colors, and are completely untreated.

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Retail Price: $400.00

Priced From: $85.00

Item: FWE120

Retail Price: $510.00

Priced From: $102.00

Item: SWE130

Retail Price: $520.00

Priced From: $105.00

Item: FWE220

Retail Price: $570.00

Priced From: $115.00

Item: FWE320

Retail Price: $590.00

Priced From: $118.00

Item: SWE220

Retail Price: $500.00

Priced From: $130.00

Item: SWE-Trillium-JRM

Retail Price: $500.00

Priced From: $130.00

Item: SWE-Trillium-BK-JRM

Retail Price: $825.00

Priced From: $165.00

Item: SWE230

Retail Price: $775.00

Priced From: $192.00

Item: SWE230-Threader

Retail Price: $1,000.00

Priced From: $200.00

Item: TAE-Venus000

Retail Price: $900.00

Priced From: $219.00

Item: TAE-Honey-JRM

Retail Price: $1,000.00

Priced From: $236.00

Item: TAE-Threader000

Retail Price: $1,400.00

Priced From: $279.00

Item: TAE300

Retail Price: $1,600.00

Priced From: $279.00

Item: TAE-Leaf-JRM

Retail Price: $1,200.00

Priced From: $280.00

Item: TAE002

Retail Price: $1,500.00

Priced From: $309.00

Item: TAE-Threader

Retail Price: $1,800.00

Priced From: $359.00

Item: TAE-Classic

Retail Price: $2,000.00

Priced From: $370.00

Item: FWE-Wave-JRM

Retail Price: $1,500.00

Priced From: $386.00

Item: TRE-Ascend-JRM

Retail Price: $1,500.00

Priced From: $389.00

Item: TAE-Wisp-JRM

Retail Price: $1,900.00

Priced From: $389.00

Item: TAE400

Retail Price: $2,000.00

Priced From: $400.00

Item: TAE-Allure000

Retail Price: $2,300.00

Priced From: $409.00

Item: TAE-Clip

Retail Price: $1,660.00

Priced From: $415.00

Item: TAE-Petal-JRM