Shop by Pearl Type

We are proud to be one of the only pearl companies in the world to offer a complete range of pearls and pearl jewelry in every pearl type including; freshwater, akoya, Tahitian, white and golden South Sea, and natural pearls. We carry only the finest pearls in each category at the guaranteed lowest prices in the United States.

For the most classic of all pearls, choose from our selection of fine akoya pearl jewelry. Akoya pearls are known for the perfectly round shapes, brilliant white bodycolor, and metallic luster. Akoya pearls were the first variety of pearl to be commercially grown by Kokichi Mikimoto in the early 20th century. While white, round akoya pearls are the popular classic, we also offer a selection of natural-color (non-pinked) white and natural silver-blue, as well as color-treated black akoya pearls.

Freshwater pearls are the up-and-coming favorite variety of pearl for pearl lovers and pearl connoisseurs alike. Once known only as baroque, rice-shaped pearls, freshwater pearls of today now rival high-quality akoya pearls for their color, luster and round shapes. We offer a full selection of freshwater pearls in sizes ranging from as small as 6 mm, to baroques as large as 15 mm and often even larger.

The most exotic of all pearl types are the pearls grown on the volcanic atolls of French Polynesia. These Tahitian pearls are often referred to as black pearls, but in reality, Tahitian pearls grow in nearly every color, from white to jet black. We specialize in Tahitian pearls, attending international producers’ auctions around the world, where we buy all our Tahitian pearls loose and undrilled. Every piece of Tahitian pearl jewelry we sell has been matched, drilled and finished by us, in our Los Angeles office.

South Sea pearls are among the most valuable of all pearls cultured today. They are farmed primarily in Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines. They are the largest type of pearl, growing in the giant Pinctada maxima, or South Sea pearl oyster, which may grow as large as a dinner plate. South Sea pearls primarily feature either a white bodycolor or a warm, golden bodycolor.

The pearl we are most proud of is our line of exotic natural pearls and natural pearl jewelry. The pearls from this collection are not farmed, they are found by chance. They are the rarest pearls in the world, and the most valuable by a wide margin. Every loose pearl and finished piece of jewelry from this collection is one of a kind; never to be replicated and impossible to duplicate.