Golden South Sea Pearl Round Necklaces

Golden South Sea pearls are among the most valuable, sought-after pearls in the world. Grown in the warm waters off the coasts of Australia and the islands of Indonesia and the Philippines, a necklace of golden South Sea pearls is among the rarest pieces of pearl jewelry available today.

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Retail Price: $27,500.00

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Item: GRN-0815-7-PJ

Retail Price: $35,000.00

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Item: GRN-0815-6-PJ

Retail Price: $44,600.00

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Item: GRN-0815-2-PJ

Retail Price: $45,000.00

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Item: GRN-1-GK

Retail Price: $47,000.00

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Item: GRN-0815-1-PJ

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