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Chocolate Pearls

Chocolate-colored Tahitian pearls are Tahitian pearls that have undergone a hip, high-fashion makeover. Tahitian pearls are treated with a proprietary, pigment-altering heating process developed by a Japanese company in 2001, or by an organic dyeing process, that transforms the pearls into lustrous, iridescent chocolate colors.


Chocolate Tahitian pearls became a popular item made famous by celebrity jeweler to the stars Erica Courtney nearly a decade ago. However, with that popularity came a very steep price tag. We have secured a full collection of chocolate Tahitian pearls, and are now offering them at incredibly discounted prices.


Chocolate Tahitian pearls are a favorite among women with a fashion-forward sensibility, women who enjoy dressing with an unpredictable flair. These are not your grandmother's pearls!

Wall Street Journal
...the man who wants to buy
a necklace for his wife, but
knows its $2,500 in a store
but $350 at
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