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Exotic, Metallic Freshwater Pearls


Metallic Luster and Exotic Colors in Freshwater Pearls

Pearl Paradise is proud to announce a new product line unlike any the world has seen. It features freshwater pearls in exotic colors with intense metallic luster.

We've been working nearly a year to collect rare, natural-color pearls with even more rare metallic luster. The pearls are blemish-free and perfectly round.

"Metallic . . . round . . . truly eight-way rollers"
- Richard Wise, Author
Secrets of the Gem Trade

"Perfectly round pearls with a high metallic luster . . . "
- David Federman, Editor Colored Stone Magazine

Wall Street Journal
...the man who wants to buy
a necklace for his wife, but
knows its $2,500 in a store
but $350 at
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