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Multicolor Pearls

Looking for a fresh new twist on the traditional look of pearls? Look no further than our multicolor pearl jewelry. Created from a collection of all-natural and fun multicolor pearls that only rarely occur in nature, the multicolor pearl jewelry collection from Pearl Paradise is guaranteed to awe and amaze.

While we do not offer multicolor pearl rings or multicolor pearl earrings, we DO offer a gorgeous selection of multicolor pearl bracelets and multicolor pearl necklace strands. Multicolor pearl necklaces are extremely versatile, which allows them to be worn on many more types of functions, dressing up or down depending on the circumstance.

Every multicolor freshwater pearl necklace and bracelet features a different combination of pink, peach, lavender and white multicolor pearls, all picked for their roundness, smooth exterior and high luster. We also offer multicolor Tahitian pearl necklaces which combine the natural colors of black, emerald green, silver-blue, eggplant and peacock for a one of a kind, exotic look that is cutting edge and fashion forward, yet beautiful and elegant at the same time.

Why pick just one color pearl when you can have them all in one multicolor pearl necklace? You can buy our multicolor pearl jewelry as seen on our website, or purchase loose multicolor pearls, and create your own unique design. Your choice of multicolor pearl jewelry is never limited to the selection you see on the site. We can create custom-designed pieces and strands of nearly any length, style or size featuring your handpicked mixture of multicolor pearls. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly; we love to make our customers’ ideas come to life!

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