Pink Pearls carries a wide variety of peach and pink pearls (not to be confused with white pearls which may sometimes have a pink overtone). Peach and pink pearls are naturally found in freshwater pearls – they are not color treated and will not fade. At Pearl Paradise we use only the finest, most lustrous freshwater pearls available for our pink pearl jewelry, which includes pink pearl earrings, pink pearl necklace strands, pink pearl bracelets and pink pearl rings.

Peach or pink pearls make the perfect gift for any woman who loves the color pink! They look gorgeous against any skin tone or complexion and perfectly complement nearly any shade of pink clothing. Pink pearl jewelry makes a great Mother’s Day gift, anniversary gift or birthday gift. You can even wear them as bridal jewelry or give them to your bridesmaids as gifts!

Peach or pink pearls can be hard to find in retail stores, but at Pearl Paradise, we offer many different peach and pink pearl jewelry options – and your choices of pink pearls are not limited to the selection you see on the site. We have a full range of freshwater pearls which allows us to create custom-designed pieces and strands of nearly any length, style or size to your specifications. If you have a special piece in mind, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.