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Natural Pearl Earrings
Natural pearls are likely the world's rarest gems. Nearly 100% of the pearls on the market today are cultured; they have been grown on pearl farms around the world. But there was a time in history, only about 100 years ago, when pearls had to be found, not grown. Today, only a handful of natural pearls are found each year. This collection of natural pearl earrings features a sampling of those rare, historically sought-after gems.

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Monili Collection Cattleya Earrings with Natural Conch Pearls

Monili Collection Cattleya Earrin...

Retail Price:  $6,500.00

Priced From:  $3,480.00

Item: Monili-A8

Natural Abalone Pearl and Diamond Earrings

Natural Abalone Pearl and Diamond...

Retail Price:  $11,664.00

Priced From:  $5,832.00

Item: NAE-000-40

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2  Results

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