Lavender Pearl Necklaces

Lavender pearls are a fun, playful type of pearl. The color is natural, and only occurs in freshwater pearls. The lavender pearl necklaces we offer are composed of the finest freshwater pearls, visibly round to the naked eye.

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Retail Price: $500.00

Priced From: $101.00

Item: FWN140L

Retail Price: $690.00

Priced From: $139.00

Item: FWN240L

Retail Price: $980.00

Priced From: $196.00

Item: FWN147L

Retail Price: $1,200.00

Priced From: $252.00

Item: FDN140L

Retail Price: $1,300.00

Priced From: $279.00

Item: FWN247L

Retail Price: $1,300.00

Priced From: $289.00

Item: FWN340L

Retail Price: $1,500.00

Priced From: $312.00

Item: FDN240L

Retail Price: $1,900.00

Priced From: $369.00

Item: FWN242L

Retail Price: $1,900.00

Priced From: $392.00

Item: FWN143L

Retail Price: $2,400.00

Priced From: $510.00

Item: FWN243L

Retail Price: $2,700.00

Priced From: $598.00

Item: FWN342L

Retail Price: $3,100.00

Priced From: $632.00

Item: FWN540L

Retail Price: $3,800.00

Priced From: $762.00

Item: FDN340L

Retail Price: $5,100.00

Priced From: $1,032.00

Item: FDN440L