Pearl Necklace

A pearl necklace is the most classic of all types of pearl jewelry and a staple item in every woman’s pearl collection. We are pleased to offer a selection of pearl necklaces unlike any other in the world. We carry a full line of freshwater, akoya, Tahitian and South Sea pearl necklaces in every natural color and available size.

About Pearl Necklaces

For an inexpensive, yet classic selection, consider our line of freshwater pearl necklaces. Freshwater pearls are among the most versatile of all pearl varieties, offering natural pastel colors such as lavender and pink, and of course the traditional white. While most freshwater pearl necklaces found at retail jewelry stores are misshapen and somewhat dull, we are proud to carry the finest freshwater pearl necklaces on the market, featuring very near-round to perfect round pearls with sharp, mirror-like luster and clean surfaces.

The quality of our freshwater pearl jewelry has received national attention, with features on The Tyra Bank's Show, The Ellen DeGenere's Show, and The Annual Academy Awards by inclusion in the VIP gifting suites and baskets.

The most classic of all pearl necklaces is the akoya pearl necklace. Akoya pearls are known for their metallic luster and perfectly round shapes. We are proud to offer a complete line of akoya pearl necklaces in sizes ranging from the very conservative 6.0 to 6.5 mm, to the large 9.0 to 9.5 mm. Except in the case of our fancy baroque, our akoya pearl necklaces feature thick nacre and exhibit fine luster and perfectly round shapes.

For the exotic look, consider our collection of Tahitian pearl necklaces . Every Tahitian pearl necklace we offer has been hand-matched, drilled and strung by us; that is what sets us apart in this category. We have never found another retailer that operates in this fashion, whether online or a retail jewelry store. Most retailers are resellers of finished strands; strands that have been purchased pre-matched and pre-drilled. We only buy loose Tahitian pearls, and only the top two grades of pearls, which are inspected for quality and nacre thickness by the government of French Polynesia prior to export – directly to us. Our vast collection of Tahitian pearl necklaces represents the finest Tahitian pearls produced today.

Finally, for the royal look, consider our line of South Sea pearl necklaces. White and golden South Sea pearl necklaces are the most valuable variety of pearl necklaces on the commercial market today. Most retailers carry only one or two strands if they carry them at all. We are proud to offer an extensive line like none other.