White South Sea Pearls

White South Sea pearls are often referred to as the queen of gems. They are among the largest and most valuable pearls produced in the world. They are grown primarily in Western Australia in the Pinctada maxima pearl oyster. This oyster, which can grow as large as a dinner plate, produces pearls with a satin-like luster, which is an unmistakable characteristic of white South Sea pearls. Due to the extremely high cost of production, they remain among the costliest pearls on the market today, and as such, they are carried by relatively few retailers around the world. We are very proud to offer a selection of full round and baroque strands, earrings, pendants and rings.

For the ultimate luxury, consider a full strand of these beautiful, white gems. We offer an extensive collection of classic, perfect round South Sea strands, and unique, organic-looking baroque strands. While the round are certainly more valuable, the baroque strands offer a more affordable option while maintaining the beauty and luxury only found in white South Sea pearls.

A full strand is not necessary to appreciate the beauty of these pearls. We also offer a selection of perfectly matched white South Sea pearl earrings as studs, in conservative dangle styles, or dressed up with high-quality diamonds. Each pair of earrings is matched, drilled and mounted by us, by hand, in our Los Angeles office.

For a fashion-forward option, consider our selection of white South Sea pearl pendants and rings. We only select the finest of our loose pearls for our earrings, pendants and rings, because each setting is designed to showcase the beauty of a single pearl or a pair.

While our collection is quite extensive, we understand that we may not offer the perfectly suited piece for every taste online. But as every piece of white South Sea pearl jewelry we sell is matched, drilled and created by us, we are able to create nearly any piece to our customer’s exact specifications. In the past, we have created custom-designed earrings pairs, South Sea pearl ropes and double strands, as well as strands combined with different types of pearls. No request is unreasonable.