Golden South Sea Pearls

Golden South Sea Pearls are among the rarest and most sought-after pearl produced in the world today. Their warm, golden colors are completely natural, produced by the gold-lip variety of the Pinctada maxima pearl oyster. They are grown primarily in Australia, the Philippines, and Indonesia. Due to their rarity and overall high cost of production, few retailers carry numerous strands and pieces of jewelry composed with these lustrous gems. We are very proud to offer one of the most extensive lines of golden South Sea pearl jewelry and strands found online today.

A full strand of golden South Sea pearls is the ultimate in luxury. We offer a line of classic-style round strands, and the more affordable circle and baroque strands, which offer a unique look. As with all our Tahitian and white South Sea strands, each strand we carry is individually numbered and photographed. The strand you see is the actual piece you will receive.

Are you considering something less formal, yet still offering the elegant beauty of golden South Sea pearls? Consider a pair of perfectly matched earrings. Every pair of earrings offered is made to order; matched, drilled and set by hand. We offer a selection of classic stud earrings, conservative dangles, and setting accented with high-quality diamonds.

For a fashionable alternative, consider one of our pendant or ring options. We offer a fine selection of elegant rings pendants, each designed to showcase the beauty of a single, perfect golden South Sea pearl. The pearls reserved for these pieces, and our earring collection, have been selected from our finest loose inventory. These pearls feature the highest luster, cleanest surface, and finest gold color.

As with type of pearl we offer, your choices are not limited to the selection you see here. All of our pieces are created from loose pearls by us. This gives us limitless opportunity to create custom-designed pieces and strands of nearly any length, style or size. If you have a special piece in mind, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. We would be honored to create the perfect piece of golden South Sea pearl jewelry for you.