6.5-7.0 mm Akoya Pearls

Akoya pearls were the first to be cultured in Japan in the early 1900s. For that reason, they are the classic variety of pearl. A necklace of piece of jewelry composed of 6.5-7.0 mm akoya pearls is considered conservative in size, perfect for office attire or college graduation.

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Item: SWE130

Retail Price: $510.00

Priced From: $102.00

Item: SWE110

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Item: SWP-MiniBlack

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Item: SRP-Tiara-JRM

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Item: SWP-Mini

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Item: SWB130

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Item: SWB110

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Item: SWE-Starlight-110

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Item: SWE-Clip

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Item: SWEJS-Twist-JRM

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Item: SWE-Trillium-JRM

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Item: SWN130

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Item: SWR-Dew-JRM

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Item: SWN110

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Item: SWS130

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Item: SWS110

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Item: SWN132

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Item: SWN112